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Sun Tzu's Guide On The Art of GSS

Even though we are at the halfway mark through the Great Singapore Sale season, we want to share with you more on what's happening at Naiise during this shopping season and how you can get involved with Naiise's Goodbye Salary Sale.


GSS Reward Card - Your Progress Tracker

Exclusive to our customers who visit our stores, you can collect Naiise stamps along your shopping journey with every $30 spent. Get $5 at your 4th stamp, $10 at your 7th stamp and finally an exclusive Naiise Tote Bag at your 10th stamp!

Be sure to collect your stamps to be ahead in this game and redeem a super awesome and handy Naiise tote bag for yourself!

Sunday Flash Sale - Extra Brownie Points

Score extra brownie points by being fast and swift when it comes to our Sunday Flash Sales. Keep an eye on our newsletters (sign up if you have yet to!) or Instagram to capture voucher codes for great discounts for cool stuff that you have been wanting to lay your fingers on. 

Go Local Lucky Draw  

If you thought you missed out on our weekly in-store flash sale, we have more to come. Celebrate the Nation's birthday with us by taking part in our sure-win lucky draw* with a minimum spend of $51 for discounts off your next purchase. It just never ends!

*Lucky Draw only starts in August 2016. 

Must-Haves, Must-Buys,

Doobsta Bean Bag - Small, doob®, $139.00 $118.15

Already great at its regular price, now even better at its discounted price! If you don't purchase it now, we are not sure when else you can enjoy such a deal. Available at multiple sizes and colours, doob® bean bags are excellent for your everyday fun and leisure needs.

Light Bracelet - 2 Circular Crystal LB39, Heart Victoria, $39 

These beautiful and elegant jewellery are already extremely popular at their regular price, and now at a good 20% - 30% discount?! We'd say go crazy! Whether it is for yourself or your loved ones, these gems wouldn't go wrong. Who wouldn't love a simple and elegant piece of jewellery? 

Passionfruit Jam, GSH Conserves, $12.90 $6.45

Pineapple & Vanilla Jam, GSH Conserves, $12.90 $6.45

Say what? 50% discount is what we're talking about! We're having GSH Conserves' two best-selling jams at a half price now. We highly recommend these jams because 1) they taste superb with biscuits and scones (drools) and, 2) they make good gifts too! 

Singlish Perpetual Calendar, The Farm Store$18 $14.40

This is your perfect chance to sweep through our stores for your favourite Singaporean goodies. With a wide collection of locally themed products, these products will definitely add pockets of humour and laughter amongst your company. 

Let us gear up for the remaining half of GSS and bid farewell to our salaries. Be as fast as flash and never miss out on great deals at Naiise. Now, time to say bye bye to your salaries, and go forth to seize these deals. 




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