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Spotlight Feature: The Fox Knows

This week, be in the know about The Fox Knows, a homegrown enamel pin maker making waves in Singapore and abroad for their unique pin designs that draw inspiration from pop culture (Black Mirror, anyone?) and popular fan fiction. Beyond manufacturing, they're also creating an impressive platform for designers to realise their works in new mediums like enamel pins!

Meet Ee Seuu, the passionate owner of The Fox Knows and hear her thoughts on everything from her favourite TV design to her brand's first ever design!

This is the second of our monthly editorial column where we shine our Spotlight on some of our designers and brands, sharing their stories in an intimate, casual and some times random way! 



Naiise: Describe The Fox Knows in just one word
Ee Seuu: Whimsical!

N: What was your first ever design for The Fox Knows?
ES: It was Ralph the Raccoon!

N: Where do you see The Fox Knows in 5 years?
ES: The Fox Knows started out as an idea to become a catalog for our main business - manufacturing. We thought the best way to reach out to our customers was by having great designs ourselves, and pin sales turned out to be great, so this venture spun off into a pin retailing business as well! 

Since starting The Fox Knows, plenty of pin makers, local and abroad have become our clients and we’re proud to say that a lot of the pins you find online in the past year have been manufactured by us. We also hope that more local companies will collaborate with us to create dope pins or medals (yes we do these too!) for their events or marketing purposes, and that Singapore will buy in more into the pin culture as a self-expression and also a great marketing tool. 

We also work with local artists to add different categories of products into our store, such as gold foil prints and clay accessories. This is another huge project of ours - to build a lifestyle store of sorts while supporting budding artists (mainly in Singapore!). Most of our designs however, have been created by overseas designers, from countries like Russia, Belgium, Philippines, Australia, US, Mexico and Canada. 

In 5 years, we hope to be able to provide a wide range of products for our customers, who will think of us when they need to buy a present that is fun and one of a kind. We also hope to stock up in more stores around Singapore and overseas. 

N: Super clever of you guys, and all the best for your plans to revolutionize the way we think about pins! Let's switch things up a bit with some quick fire questions - On a scale of 1-10, how excited are you about life right now? 
ES: 10!

N: Describe yourself in a hashtag
ES: #heh

N: Secret talent?
ES: I can remember credit card numbers, their expiry dates and CVV 😉

N: Omg, that's useful but also quite scary haha! The weirdest word in the English language?
ES: Zeitgeist

N: FYI to everyone else, the Zeitgeist is a concept from 18th to 19th-century German philosophy, translated as "spirit of the age" or "spirit of the times". Your go to for having a good laugh?
ES: Family and friends!

N: Your favourite TV show at the moment
ES: I leave Netflix on when I work sometimes, and usually have no idea what’s going on. I think I’m currently “watching” Penny Dreadful. Oh, I really liked Sense8!

N: To be or not to be?
ES: To be, for sure

N: When do you feel happiest?
ES: When I’m thinking clearly

N: Last but not least, what's your favourite fashion accessory
ES: I wish I could say pins but it’s really earrings! Can’t wait to stock them in stores!

Just for you, The Fox Knows is giving away 1 free pin with every 2 pins purchased at!! This promo ends at midnight on 28 Aug 2018 :) Click here to jump straight to shop!


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