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Smell Good, Feel Good

Smells are powerful things that not only can evoke emotions, but also help us in many ways to be productive, and make us feel good in general. Research has shown that different kinds of scents, such as peppermint and jasmine, can help us get through various tasks effortlessly. Not only does surrounding scents make a difference, how you smell can also affect how you feel. 

We've come up with a loose timetable that can help you interact with awesome scents throughout the day, making you feel amazing throughout the day.

In The Morning

Citrus Bloom Body Wash (500ml), Olive Oil Skin Care Company, $29.90

Green Tea Peppermint Soap Bar, SoapLah, $9.90

Doraji Female Fragrance, Bespoke Parfums Artisanaux, $38

We know it can be challenging to get out of bed and get yourself ready for the long day ahead. Feel energised after a round of invigorating shower, especially body shower that contains citrus or peppermint scents. They are able to give you that boost you need and wake you up with their scents. 

Before heading out, spritz some perfume on your pulse points and hurray! You're ready for the day ahead!


Party Time

Swago Cologne Wipes - Single, Swago, $3.90

Maverick Solid CologneThe Apothecary Malaysia, $30

Geisha Nobara-Cha Roll-on Perfume Oil, aroma M, $139.90

We know one of the dilemmas that many of us have is the lugging around full size perfume. With these cologne wipes, solid cologne and handy roll-on perfume oil, you can easily slot them in the smallest handbags, pockets and even wallets, and smell good anywhere, anytime. 


Home Sweet Home

White Jasmine & Gardenia - Scented Candle, Cochine, $38

Siamese Jasmine 100 ML. DiffuserUngkana, $60

Citrus Sachet Home FragranceMenuha, $49

Luna Insomnia Relief Essential Oil Roll OnZVI Fine Oils, $40

Coming home after a long day of work and fun, we know all you want to is to relax and prepare yourself for a good sleep before the next day comes. Burning candles and using diffusers of your favourite scent can instantly relax you while you lie on your bed and flipping through your social media feed. You can also use essential oils to calm and ease yourself into a good night's sleep. 







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