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Shermay Be The One For You This Chinese New Year

We can't deny that food plays a big part during Chinese New Year because every house visiting is, apart from spending quality time with your family and friends, all about eating and snacking. 

This Chinese New Year, spice it all up for your friends and family with Shermay's Singapore Fine Food

Shermay's Singapore Fine Food - Naiise

Created in Singapore and with many Singaporeans' love for anything spicy food in mind, Shermay's Singapore Fine Food has concocted a series of condiments that goes well with almost anything you eat. Plus, there is no MSG, artificial colouring and flavouring, so you can consume this with a peace of mind. 

Shermay's Singapore Fine Food

There is almost no rules when it comes to consuming these condiments. Be it as your go-to chilli for steamboat during your reunion dinner or as a dipping sauce for your keropok (or crackers) or chips, these sauces will definitely make it hard for you to look elsewhere after you have tried them. 

Shermay's Singapore Fine Food

If you're a chilli lover, do give their Cilicuka sauces a try with their prawn crackers. Start with the Cilicuka Original if you're someone who loves a little kick in your food but nothing too over the top when it comes to spiciness. Go on to the next level with Cilicuka Very Hot if the Cilicuka Original is a little mild for you. For those of you who want to challenge your tolerance for the hot and spicy, Cilicuka Very Very Hot will definitely be up to your standards. 

Apart from the red chilli sauces, you can also find Sambal Hijau in their line of sauces too, which makes a complementary dip for Shermay's Emping Bitternut Cracker

For those of you who are in charge of cooking up a storm this Chinese New Year, complete your steamed vegetables and meats by pouring Shermay's Ginger Garlic Sauce over them, adding the final flavours to perfect your dish. You can also get your meats marinated with Singapore Meat Marinade.

Shermay's Singapore Fine Food

Go on and give Shermay's Singapore Fine Food a try and make this Chinese New Year a tasteful and memorable one.  




This is an advertorial for Shermay's Singapore Fine Food by Naiise.





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