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Pokémon GO Survival Guide

We are pretty sure last weekend was a hectic one for most of you, especially for those who were hunting down as many Pokémon as you can (we are hooked as well!). With these long walks come great discovery of, not just Pokémon, what one needs while out on a Pokémon hunt. Presenting to you Naiise's Pokémon Go Survival Guide, now you can get all prepared to catch 'em all.


Power Banks

Gummy Mini 5200 Power Bank, thecoopidea, $99

Black Boostcase, Boostcase, $129

Lightning Cable in Yellow, Happy Plugs, $35

Number 1 on our list, which we're pretty sure is on your list too, is power banks. Power banks are important because you wouldn't want to risk your next rare catch, would you? 



Hellolulu Jazper - Roll-top Backpack in Mango & Turquoise, Hellolulu, $45

Phillip Pouch - Planter, Mokuyobi Threads, $65

One of the key tips while hunting is to travel light and keep your hands free from other things apart from your handphone. Be a true trainer and wear a backpack during the hunt. Or even the handy fanny pack. 


Six Nature 6097, Madmatter, $69

Walter 5 Panel Cap - Adventure Party, Mokuyobi Threads, $69.90

CADMAN 6 Panel Cap - Maroon Camo, Caveman, $59

Apart from look like a real Pokémon trainer, caps are especially important when you hunt in Singapore. The sun and its glare can be unforgiving, and putting on a cap can shoo off some nasty rays.


Water Bottles

Monster Bottle in Orange, ElevenPlus, $51.90

NS Jerry Can Bottle, Souvenirs From Singapore, $12.90

Fressko Rise Flask - 300ml, Fressko, $54.95

We cannot emphasise enough - hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! You will perspire after travelling the distance so don't forget to keep yourself hydrated at all times.



Mr. Emmett / Rose Fold Reflect Lens, Medium Rare, $64.90

Soule Shades (Classic Black), Soule, $10

Koala Velvet Sunglasses in Pink Velvet/Black Pink Mirror, ALO Korea, $89

We know nothing's going to stop you from hunting so put on these babies and say byebye to bad glares.


Pokémon GO trainers, head over here because we have something for you, regardless of which team you are. 


Naiise Pte Ltd is not endorsed by, affiliated to or sponsored by The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, GAME FREAK or any of its partners.We have however made every effort to honour the Intellectual Property and Copyright.





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