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Plastic Wraps, Bee Gone!


Pop open the packaging and give the cloth a sniff – you'll get a whiff of the scent of honey. Give this cloth a stroke, and cue the slew of surprises, all along the lines of, “Wah, it’s quite sticky leh.”

And it comes as no surprise when you learn that this reusable wrap is made in the company's Vermont workshop, where they infuse beeswax, COTA-certified organic cotton, organic jojoba oil and tree resin. Not only does this innovative wrap carry the balmy scent of honey, but it is also environmentally-friendly. It is washable, reusable for a year and then compostable, which makes it a superior, sustainable alternative to the plastic wraps that we are all very much habituated to.


As far as practices go, the beekeepers that the brand employs make sure to leave enough honey for the bees to last through winter. They are huge on sustainable, ethical practices which strengthens its position as the eco-friendly alternative to plastic wraps.

Given all these benefits, it makes us wonder…why have we not switched over to it yet?

What Can I Wrap With This?

Plenty of things that a plastic wrap or a cling wrap can do. For one, you can shroud on-the-go food including sandwiches, pastries, fruits, vegetables, cut wedges of cheese. Got that bowl of leftover dinner last night? No worries. Take a Bee’s Wrap and cover the top of the bowl with it! Beeswax contains naturally-occurring antimicrobial properties, which help fruits stay fresher for longer.

Wrapping this is a no-brainer. Cover your food items as you normally would with a plastic wrap, and seal the loose corners “with the warmth of your hands”, as the brand describes it. This Vermont-made waxed cloth is malleable and can be moulded easily to fit the shape of whatever item you may be covering.

When you’re done using it, give it a wash and air-dry before you continue using it.

What makes it sustainable, exactly?

The Bee’s Wrap cloth serves a purpose even after it is past its recommended usable period (i.e 1 year from when you begin using it) - you can compost it and it will provide nutrients for a garden or plant. This is not possible at all with its traditional plastic counterpart.

A sandwich wrap comes at $19, an assorted of 3 at $34 and a variety pack of 7 at $84. Plus, it's reusable for up to one year! You can purchase them here.

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