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Pin-nacle of Self Expression

Self-expression is nothing new to us, and there are many ways to let your personality show, seeping through your choices of clothing, accessories, stationery, decor etc. It's no longer a choice; it's instinctive.

And right now, pins are hot AF as a self-expression go-to. Be it on your clothes, caps, bags, shoes (yes!), there is definitely a space you can pin them on. And here's our a little list of current favourites that we hope to pin-terest you.


1. Almost Perfect Pin, These Are Things, $15.90

Almost perfect pin for the almost perfect person. 


2. Simon Pin, California Rollin', $15

 Exclusively at Naiise, this pin is for all you llama-lovers.


3. Hot Buns Pin, The C Project, $16.20

Something cheeky, something close to heart, this pin does nothing else but proclaim you love for them big butts. You go, bootylicious people!


4. Unicorn Brooch, Sketch Inc., $26

Want to be as majestic and amazing as a unicorn? This pin can help you solidify your reputation as the Great Unicorn.


5. Kopitiam Brooch, THE FARM STORE, $20

Surviving majorly on your cuppa kopi? This will definitely hit the spot too. 


6. Cats in a Pocket Brooch, Alfie De Meow, $20

Cats are awesome. You don't need any other reason to pin this up. 


7. Happy Pin - Oh!, averagejo, $12

For the ones who are have the positive outlook, always bringing sunshine and chasing the dark clouds away, this one is for you.


8. Crying Lightning, This Chepooka, $13

Literally crying lightning, and loosely inspired by an Arctic Monkeys' song, this pin is perfect the ones who find beauty in the unusual.


9. Campfire Brooch, Finest Imaginary, $48

If you always crave for adventures and the outdoors, this pin will do its magic in translating that.


10. Adventure Awaits Enamel Pin, xhundredfold, $18

Speaking of adventures, this is another one that will keep you company while you climb the next mountain, aiming for a greater height.


11. Shiek Movie Time Pin, Wackymons, $10 

But if you are couch potato, the Netflix-and-chillax type, this is for you.









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