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Personalise Your Gifting Experience - Naiise @ The Cathay

We hear you guys loud and clear, and here's what you guys have been waiting for - Naiise Gift Wrapping Station!

Naiise at The Cathay Gift Wrapping Station

We always believe in gifting something meaningful to our friends and family, even to the final touches of gift wrapping. As much as we would love to help you out with gift wrapping (we can be quite terrible with that!), we think it will mean more if you were to wrap your own gifts!

At this gift wrapping station, you can find gift wrapping supplies, ranging from 3 various complementary wrapping papers from Naiise, markers, ribbons, stickers, tape, scissors and etc. 

We've also got some adorable rubber stamps that you can use to personalise your gift wrapping and greeting cards. Special thanks to Parade Made and Baisimu, who have contributed to our gift wrapping station. 

For now, the gift wrapping station is only available at The Cathay. But not to worry, we are going to get the stations up at other Naiise outlets really soon, so keep a look out!

But before you head off with your gifts in tow, snap a photo and tag #naiise on Instagram and Facebook! We'd love to see your amazing creations. :)





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