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Oh ManA, What A Way To Roll!

For those of you who love to doodle and write your ideas, especially during brainstorm sessions, ManA Rollboard will be your next go-to meeting essential. 


Contrary to common belief of how whiteboards should look like, ManA Rollboard changes your perspective immediately and make it really portable for everyday use.  

With one pull, the board extends to more than 30cm. ManA is designed in South Korea and it comes with a magnetic marker pen with a duster cap atop. It also features a convenient one-touch button that makes retracting and keeping the whiteboard a pinch of salt.


Needless to say, it is a lifesaver for impromptu group meetings. Now you can lock down ideas quickly 

Grab one today and discover the ease and convenience of this Rollboard. That's how ManA roll.





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