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Nailing It This Halloween

Halloween is coming, and we've all been anticipating it eagerly with our costume and party plans. Some of you may already have a killer outfit planned, but let's not forget about the little details, like manicure, that make an outfit special.

We have scouted high and low for many nail art ideas that can help you complete your Halloween outfit. Slay this Halloween with these nail art designs, from cute to creepy, that you can use. 


1. Little Ghosties

Photo Credits: Snail Vinyls

Ghosts and googly eyes - immediate association with Halloween!


2. Evil Eyes

Photo Credits: The Zoe Report

For those who don't want to be OTT, this nail art design will be creepy enough without overdoing it.


3. A Scary Forest

Photo Credits: Glaminati

Have a creepy-cute forest right at your fingertips.


4. Bats In The Sky

Photo Credits: Lupsona

Let some bloodsucking bats adorn your claws this Halloween.

Try this look with the Maleficent Nail Lacquer from Coat Colours.


5. Black Widow

Photo Credits: Etsy

Since V-tips are popular and very apt for Halloween, you can adopt this look to complete your vampire outfit. 


6. Matte Cobwebs

Photo Credits: Yesicasnails Instagram

For a classier touch, here's a matte spider nail art design you can use.


7. Welcome To The Graveyard

Photo Credits: Adorned Claw

What's creepier and more glamourous than a glittery graveyard? Go get 'em, gothic divas!

Get your shine on with the Silver Lining Lacquer from Coat Colours!



8. Never Enough Skulls

Photo Credits: nenuno

Halloween essentials: Skulls. Lots of them.


9. Basic Blood Drips

Photo Credits: Clio Makeup

What's Halloween without some blood drips?  


10. Cut Me And I Bleed Glitter

Photo Credits: Total Beauty

Add a little twist on a blood drip with some gorgeous glitters, like Intrigue Nail Lacquer, from Coat Colours.


11. Dirty Blood

Photo Credits: Total Beauty

We dig this one! Add black for a more grungy and dirtier look.

Recreate this look with a deep red shade called Seduction from Coat Colours.


12. It Came From Beneath

Photo Credits: We Heart It

A classic creepy hand and face print that is straight from a nightmare can now be on your fingernails. 


13. Murderous Claws

Photo Credits: Trend Hunter

Scratches and splatter, the best combination for a simply creepy manicure.


14. Bloody Fingerprints

Photo Credits: Hative

Perfect for the serial killer look, this nail art design will complement your costume seamlessly. Just make sure it's not real blood.


15. Killer Clowns

Photo Credits: Entertainment Mesh

Clowns are scary, period. 


16. Nightmare On Elm Street

Photo Credits: Armstrong Nails Instagram

Just like in the movie, you really shouldn't fall asleep (while painting your nails).


17. Friday the 13th

Photo Credits: Nails By Jema Instagram

Be careful of the killer in your kitchen, it may be Mr. Voorhess coming to paint your walls red.


18. HELP

Photo Credits: Bloglovin

Blood, blood and more blood!


19. A Hodgepodge of Creepy

Photo Credits: Nails By Ly

Elaborate and pretty much Halloween summed up, this nail art idea is prolly one of the craziest we have seen.


20. Realistic Zombie Nails

Video Credits: Elle Levi

Lo and behold, the ultimate nail art design that can earn you the Best Dressed Award this Halloween. 




Come 29 October, visit all our outlets and enjoy perks when you dress up or find a head in a jar. More deets here









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