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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

A Round Up of the Naiise Iconic Media Party

On the 15th of May, Naiise Iconic officially opened at Jewel Changi Airport!  Here's a look into what happened during the event:

Registration started as early as 4.30 p.m . Each of our guests received a Welcome pack that contained vouchers that could be used in-store during the event to allow everyone get a good sense of the different experiences like Gift Bar, The Pantry, store-in-store ana tomy, experience pods like alche{me} and also brands that are exclusive to Naiise Iconic.

The Goodie Bags

They also received not 1, but 2 goodie bags! Containing items provided generously by partners that were with us, such as Wet Tee Shirt, Golden Duck, MATTERalche{me}, The LAB Fragrances and Bee’s Wrap – just to name a few! 

Tea bar 

On top of the tour given to the media as well as the guest-of-honour Minister of State, we had tea sampling at the Teapasar booth, guests were treated to a live demonstration of the tea being customised to your palate. Guests were also treated to different teas to gain better understanding and appreciation of the teas.

Using an app they had created for the iPad, they will help you to tweak the formulation for different tea flavours to help you get the tea you need and the tea you deserve.


Customized notebooks by ana tomy 

The team at ana tomy showed up in full strength at the store-in-store over in Naiise Iconic, all ready to personalise and customise notebooks for media guests and VIPs.

We all love a live customisation, don’t we? ana tomy does all the personalising of your notebooks in store - quickly enough that you can come back in a matter of minutes and the finished product is ready for you to take home.

How can we forget the best part - food? 

 There were plenty of makan provided by our partners for our party guests. Sandwiches? We looked no further than Park Bench Deli!

Smooth drinks infused with collagen? Kinohimitsu showed up and showed out! Local kuehs? Rainbow Lapis came through with that.

Shake Affinity even had their own bar where they were creating cocktails for guests – all they had to do was order over the counter! With the help of KombynationKinohimitsu and Brass Lion Distillery, they concocted some exclusive cocktails for the night!

 Other brands included Papa Peng with their signature Potato Chips with Hae Bee Hiam dip, Joe & Dough with pastries that you can already find at The Pantry and Straits Preserves who did hors d’oeuvres of a round cracker with their iconically local flavour of jams (i.e. Pineapple Tart and Singapore Sling and more).

Nuude was also giving out samples of the four flavours of their ice-cream which can be found in The Pantry. The guest-of-honour Senior Minister of State Sim Ann gave some of the flavours a go.

(Photos by: @nuudeicecream)


Naiise Iconic App

Design agency STUCK Design was also there to introduce the Naiise Iconic App to the guest-of-honour and VIPs, which is an in-store app that is aimed at improving on brand storytelling and enhancing omnichannel customer journey.

Through the in-store app, you can get product recommendations based on your searches, create a virtual wishlist which you can email to your email address later and finally sign up for newsletter and workshops.

The Launchpad

Over at the Launchpad, industrial designer Brandon was introducing a prototype of his project titled ‘Empathy’, a dual-function coin box which you can deposit several coins at one go, and they will be separated into two groups – the actual savings, and another that you should give towards charity.

Brandon shared that the project was inspired by the concept of ‘zakat’ in Islam, which is defined as a form of alms-giving to a few specific categories of people and it is regarded in Islam as a religious obligation. He further elaborated that once the savings pile is full, from there on, it will accumulate for charity.

Sustainable clothing brand QLOTHÉ was also there to introduce their products to the media guests - letting them know about how the anatomy of each article of clothing tells a story to both the maker and the purchaser.

8EyedSpud x Ong Li Jie x The Red Pencil

Over at the Workshop area on the upper floor, the girls from ONG LIJIE were tote-ally bringing their A-game to their silk-screen printing station. If you were there, you’d feel the true blue workshop vibes emanating from our Workshop space.

The tote bags were to be printed with one design out of four based on the in-store mural which was done by local illustrator 8EyedSpud.

The proceeds raised on the sales of the tote bags went towards Naiise’s supported charity, The Red Pencil, which bring the power of arts therapy around the world to children and families who have been through traumatic life circumstances, for which they have no words. Their programmes help these people heal and grow through the arts, by offering an alternative way of expression towards balance, empowerment and resilience.

The tote bags were sold during the media preview on a pay-as-you-wish basis - any amount was appreciated. And in total, we're proud to say we managed to raise a total of $375!

Mural by 8EyedSpud (Photo Credit: Anderson Wong)

An hour after the media tour concluded, guest-of-honour Sim Ann, the Senior Minister of State at the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth as well as Ministry of Communications and Information, gave a speech which preceded the placement of the final piece of the wooden merlion scale.

And finally...the launch

From the following moment, our store was officially launched! The feeling? Surreal. It felt like a long time coming.

Following the significant launch, our founder Dennis Tay shared a few words of his own to wrap up the most momentous occasion of the night.


We would like to thank Senior Minister of State Sim Ann for gracing our event and doing the honours of officially launching the store.

We would also like to thank all media partners and VIPs for coming down to the Media Preview night, as well as a thank to our partners that have supported this event.


For more Naiise things, follow us on Facebook (Naiise) and on Instagram (@naiise)!


The launch of Naiise Iconic was definitely one of our most ambitious projects yet, from our first foray into F&B to launching Singapore's first ever Gift Bar, we hope that you enjoyed the store as much as we did. And of course, it wouldn't have been possible without the support of you guys! 


Naiise Iconic Opening Hours:

Mon - Sun: 10am to 10pm

Naiise Iconic Address:

78 Airport Boulevard, Jewel Changi Airport


Singapore 819666

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