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Naiise Exclusive: Limiteria

There is something sexy and alluring about brass stationery, especially when you first unwrap it from its packaging, the shine and glisten makes our knees go a little weaker. 

If you need a dose of solid shine, Limiteria is definitely your go-to stationery choice. 

Featuring Brass Pen - Vintage


Founded in Seoul in 2013, Limiteria brings a collective of innovative creations from young designers together, with the motto "Changes that matter for tomorrow". Indeed, this brass collection of theirs has changed that way we look at stationery; it is something that makes you want to pick it up immediately and change the way you use and feel about stationery.


"Changes that matter tomorrow." - Limiteria


From pens to clips, Limiteria has cast classiness on these everyday products, making them functional and timeless at the same time. 


Featuring Brass Receipt Clip


Limiteria is more than just stationery. It's a classic style you will never grow out of. Get yours here and stay timelessly stylish, always.






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