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Naiise Exclusive: Indian Spicebox

For those of you who love cooking, you'd know how spices can make a big difference in your dish. The flavours, the fragrance, and the great taste... we're hungry already!

If you're a big fan of Indian dishes, this Indian Spicebox Kit by Namita Moolani Mehra will definitely be a delight to own. In this kit, you will get 9 organic spices and a cookbook, making extremely easy to whip up Indian dishes at the comfort of your own kitchen.

Fun fact: For each Indian Spicebox product sold and through their partnership with Food For Life Vrindavan (FFLV), they are able to feed 10 impoverished children in India a nutritious hot meal. 

Namita aims to change people's perspective about Indian food being too complicated and time-consuming to prepare. With easy recipes as little as 3 steps, you'll definitely learn to master Indian cuisine in no time.

Sounds like something you'll want to cook up to show off your culinary skills? Get your Indian Spicebox Kit here!






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