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Mucho In Love With BuJos! 💕 ✍️

  • It can be your diary
  • It can also be your planner
  • Or possibly your sketchbook, notebook, to-do list, etc
  • Filling up a page gives you that mini dosage of joy of being organised and productive
  • These bullet points are great hints to what it is ;)

It's a Bullet Journal - an innovative organization system which helps you be on top of your game (or feel like you are). Look up #bujo on the social media platform of your choice, and you will see a plethora of ideas on how to get started!

If you are ready to be Bujo-Organized, check out the list below for the Mucho-Essential tools.

In the spirit of #bujo, we will keep our recommendations ultra short and sweet with bullet points!


1. The Fip Book - Grid/Dot, Staple Object, $19.90 [ships in 1-3 days]

Staple Object Dot Grid Flip Notebook

  • The staple of every bujo-owner - a good notebook!
  • 100gsm, FSC Certified paper - that means no bleed-through!
  • Perfect Binding ('cuz don't we hate those notebooks that just can't-open-flat??)
  • Dotted pages - great flexibility, easy to customize to your own style and needs
  • Gridded pages - keep your "rapid logging" neat and comprehensibile
  • FREE sturdy plastic zip lock bag - holds all your stationery together!
    (no more digging through your bag for that one pen!)

*P/S: If you're one who prefers complete freedom, go for The Flip Book - Blank variant, which is the perfect canvas for your creative prowess!


2. Shapeloon Stencil Kit - Yellow, Common Loon, $14.44 [ships in 1-3 days]

Common Loon Shapeloon Stencil Kit Yellow

  • Easily decorate your journal with artistic details and icons without breaking a sweat 
  • Keep your layouts and style consistent
  • Satisfy that neat freak in you with perfectly drawn shapes and lines


3. Green Background Animal Stickers, Mind Wave, $3.00 [ships in 1-3 days]

  • Brighten up your bujo pages with these cute illustrations
  • They are sooooo cute !?!!
  • In-depth scientific research shows that cute animals boosts your productivity and motivation by 100% (please don't ask us for the source of this claim)
  • Okay let's be real - we don't need a reason to have more cute stickers
  • Have we mentioned that they are also SO-CUTE?!?!?


4. I'll Do That Later White Washi Tape, Studio Stationery, $5.90 [selling fast!]

  • There are so many ways to use washi tapes in your bujo: separating sections, indexing pages, covering up mistakes, colour-coding activities, decorating layouts, etc
  • "I'll do that later" - if you must procrastinate, do it in style~
  • Or check out more washi tape designs, from just $2.60!


5. Gecko Organizer Board - Script, MOOY, $29.50 [selling fast!]

  • On-the-go storage solution for all your bujo essentials
  • Comes with loops that make it perfect to combine with a binder
  • Ultra versatile - use detachable straps and clips to customize the board to your needs
  • 100% guarantee will make you look like you are on top of your game every time you whip this bad boy out in public


6. Xyron 3 Inch Sticker Maker, Stickiemail, $19.25

  • Customize To The Max! - turn your own drawings and photos into stickers and up your bujo-customization game
  • Easily keep your paper memorabilia safe by sticking them to your bujo pages 
  • Edge-to-edge adhesive - no messy glue to clean up
  • Also fun to stick your own doodles on your desk or your friends for no apparent reasons


7. Sardines - Paper Clip Tin, Ototo, $14.90 [selling fast!]

  • Bookmark important pages in your bujo with these little sardines
  • Add ribbons or washi tapes to the paper clips to turn them into DIY page flags
  • The only fish that will not stink up your journal


8. Calligraphy & Painting Workshops, from $80.00

  • Make your bujo stand out from the crowd with amazing penmanship & illustration
  • It's much easier to complete tasks when they are so beautifully written
  • May not help you with speedy note-jotting, but it's always good to pick up new skills


If you are all fired up with passion for organization and inspiration to turn the page on your old working/studying habits, let's get cracking! Find everything you need to start your own bujo today in our special BUJO Collection. 

Get, set, bujo!

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