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Made with Naiise by Vera Mao

I have always wanted to learn brush lettering calligraphy, as then it would mean that I can finally stop buying birthday cards or Christmas cards, and make my own. I’ve also always like the touch of giving personalised gifts, as for me, the handwritten word or the handmade gift is more valuable than any store bought present. (I keep all my handwritten notes.)

I signed up for Dora’s Prints & Paper Good’s Brush-lettering and Floral Illustration workshop. This 3-hour workshop will equip you with all the skills needed to make your own beautiful card or party invitation!

The first half of the class was mostly spent on practising lettering and drawing techniques, and getting used to the ink brush. It is really very hard to keep your handwriting to a consistent finish, when the ink flow is very variable. It is really a test of patience and hand pressure, and practice definitely makes perfect in this case. You have to practise consistently based upon a lettering guide using all the basic strokes first, before you start with the letters.

The second half of the class, we get started with writing our own quote on an artstock card, and finished it off with a flower wreath. Here’s my masterpiece! 

Still far from being perfect, but I’m pretty satisfied for a first attempt.

You can learn more things from Naiise’s numerous workshops here, from watercolour painting, to calligraphy, to leathercraft and many more. I think it makes for a great date idea, or to learn new things with friends and family.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Never too late to start now!

Words by: Churp Churp Alpha, Vera Mao (@kisses.vera)


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