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Made With Naiise by Charlie Kwok: A Guide to Homemade Gifts

If you’ve met me before, you’ve probably received homemade bakes, either in a brown paper bag or fancy newspaper and twine. It’s my signature move. I mean, why not? The bakes coupled with the wrapping make people happy, save the contents of my wallet, and give me a chance to DIY. Three birds with one stone.

Anyway, I always like adding in a scribbled tag or card, which unfortunately isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as the bakes themselves, thanks to my usage of only blue ballpoint pens. But recently, something happened that will really change this situation.

I was invited to a Naiise workshop for painting watercolour flowers and wreaths.

I was initially quite hesitant, since my aptitude for watercolour painting is close to nil. But knowing that dinner at Dazzling Café was involved, and being me (I love food!), I agreed and dragged along a friend.

I’m so glad I did so. The workshop was enjoyable, the food delicious, and the best part? I developed a love for watercolour painting. Painting those roses and delicate little leaves isn’t so hard after all. 

Here are some shots of what we did at the workshop by My Sweet Scarlett. To everyone who has and may receive bakes from me, you’ll probably find a watercolour-painted card or tag inside from now on :) You too can pick up a workshop skill or two here.

Words by: Charlie Kwok (@chockywoky)

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