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Jemma Wei x Naiise - 10 Naiise things for the Modern Millennial

Hey guys, it's Jemma.

When the Naiise girls approached me and asked me to do a feature on 10 Naiise things last year, I was like, gurl! Only Ten? There's no way I can limit it to ten. But lo and behold, we all surprise ourselves. After much ado, I whittled down my top ten picks from Naiise by theme - honestly, if we didn't limit it to things pertaining to my millennial lifestyle, I'd never get anywhere. For how can we leave out the amazing imported spreads? (Did you know they sell the O'sulloc Matcha Green Tea Milk Spread on A wonder unto itself). The delightful local book selection? (We Rose up Slowly by Jon Gresham and We Were Always Eating Expired Things by Cheryl Julia Lee - my personal recommendations) The incredibly quirky home decor items? (If you'd ever lusted after a neon sign in your bedroom...)

Ah yes. The Naiise webstore is a rabbit hole, one I have no qualms getting lost in for hours and hours. But with brevity and efficiency in mind, we whittled and whittled, and here we go - 10 Naiise things I use in my everyday life, that both complement my millennial lifestyle in a functional yet aesthetically pleasing way.



I'm a millennial, which means juggling a heck ton of things at once. As of 2015, I have been doing my Masters in Creative Writing, teaching a class in the university, and writing my thesis, along with continuing the existing work I do for commercial clients and hosting on my Clicknetwork talk show regularly. Which means - a lot of being on the go, a lot of late nights in the office, and a whole lot of paperwork all day every day. I work out of an office space I rent at The Hive Singapore, a coworking space in Singapore, and I've spoken copiously of the benefits of having your own office as a sign to yourself of being committed to the work you do. And because I'm in my office nearly everyday, I also take a lot of pride in making it a lifestyle space I enjoy being in and look forward to spending time in every day.





On my desk - (1) Limiteria Brass Receipt Clip and (2) Magnifique Tray

I use the clip to organise drafts of my work - I'm a pen and paper girl at the end of the day - and the tray to keep odd bits at my desk - name cards, earphones, and even accessories if I'm wearing rings that I don't want on my hands while I type or write, but that I want to accessorise with when I go out after work.

In my office - (3) SoftRock Dionysus Bean Bag in Silverback and (4) The Way We Were Kampong Umbrella.

Long days and late hours in the office mean that I often take short breaks for coffee, a beer, and generally, for keeping sane. I try to move around so I don't just sit at my desk all day, so I often do my readings by the roof, or in the library area of my office where I keep my SoftRock bean bag. I have come to realise that bean bags are actually more ergonomic than chairs - and so if I have a lot of stuff to be reading and processing for my academic work, I prefer to sit on the bean bag to do so because it doesn't give me backaches.

I also keep this cute umbrella at my desk because my office is on Hong Kong Street, which is an incredibly convenient location as long as it doesn't rain. If it does rain, it's impossible to get anywhere unless you have an umbrella. And this particular one is a great conversation piece!



Because my work offers me the opportunity to travel frequently, a lot of my purchases and picks also gravitate around things that will add efficiency to my travel, or at least help me keep organised. I'm naturally a very messy person, although I try not to be. I also tend to be pretty scatterbrained, so to compensate, I try to force myself to be organised, and part of that explains my addiction to things like bag organisers, keychain loops, so on and so forth.

With me  - (5) Anti Gravity Phone Case for iPhone 6s.

It doesn't stick to all surfaces - mainly glass, mirror, white board, tiles, and other flat, smooth surfaces. But this is good enough for me. I like having my phone stuck on a window next to me when I'm on long distance journeys like plane or train rides, so that I can use it as a sort of floating control center for my music or notifications while I read a book or take a nap. I also like sticking it on my toilet mirror in hotels or at home so I can watch downloaded episodes of my recent Netflix obsessions while conditioning my hair - my hair mask every night takes about fifteen to twenty minutes! It's also perfect if you're trying to take a handsfree selfie with friends - as long as you're standing opposite somewhere with a smooth, flat surface. Haha.

A major plus point is that I always know where my phone is because it's, well, floating next to me. Ish. Previously I'd experience mild panic whenever I got off a train or plane, trying to make sure my phone was either somewhere in my bag or tucked into the seat pocket.

Carrying - (6) The Aide De Camp Leyden Camera Bag in Sable Brown

If you're someone who predominantly shoots on a DSLR (I personally use the Nikon D750 with a 35mm f1.8 lens), especially when you travel, then you'll be familiar with the pain of finding a camera bag that looks stylish and yet is functional in both space maximisation and protecting your equipment. The Aide de Camp range is something of a holy grail cult product amongst my female photographer friends, and it's not hard to see why! The bag looks gorgeous as, you know, a bag, totally wearable from the day to day. It's weatherproof - made with water-resistant nylon exterior, with genuine cow leather handles, so your camera is fine even in the drizzle, and it has removable padded sections for your camera body and any additional lenses you might want to bring. I personally carry at least one extra lens with me when I travel for versatility - the Nikon 85mm f1.8 is a favourite of mine - and my previous solution was just wrapping my gear up in beanies. But this is way better. An investment, but a worthy one.

Pictured in casing - The (7) APUS Relax Travel Pillow

This blow up pillow will mess up your hair but at least its mega comfortable and lets you sleep in peace on the flight without people staring at your sleeping face! The main thing about this is portability - it's easy to pack and clip on to a cabin luggage. If you've ever tired to sleep on a long haul flight, you'll know just how precious travel pillows are.



Using - The (8) ASNAP Selfie Ring Light in Baby Pink

Don't laugh - a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. I've had multiple variants of the selfie light - I've tried the light phone case, different clip on lights, using another phone's flash... nothing is as good as this clip on selfie ring light. It comes with different light modes for different situations, and it somehow makes your skin look super flawless because of the way the soft light fills in your face. Suitable for most low light situations, and really easy to clip on and use. It doesn't hurt that it's also mega cute!

Pictured - Party Plates: (9) The Hip Hip Hooray Tray and (10) Party Patio Plates

And lastly - I really got these for the gram. I couldn't help myself - they're so pretty,
and I do love my pops of color. Can't you tell?

These plates also make such a great conversation piece at any picnic or dinner
party. I can't bear to use them regularly, so I've been using the Hip Hip Hooray one
for my odd bits by the door (keys, cards, etcetera) at home, and the Party Patio
plates whenever there's a special occasion for me to host people for dinner at home.

I could go on - and indeed, I want to. But part of the amazement that you get shopping at Naiise is in the discovery of these incredible items, and stumbling on things you never knew you needed/ never knew were available! I hope my post has given you a bit of inspiration about upgrading your work or home space, and honestly - did you make it through this post without buying at least three things? I'm impressed. I couldn't.

Thank you for having me, Naiise, and it's been a very (wait for it) naiise time.











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