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8 Things To Look Forward to At I EAT DESIGN II - NDP Edition

After 3 years since the first I EAT DESIGN, we’re bringing back with PART 2!

It’s going be an exciting 2 days of food and design, and there's a buffet of information (pun intended) prepared here for you to digest, so go ahead and grab a plate some fork and knife cause we're about to eat!


What are the kinds of food you can expect to find this year at I EAT DESIGN II? Well, with over 8 food vendors that will be selling a range of items, including some new ones which will have a unique, local twist in celebration of Singapore’s 54th birthday, there’s going to be something for everyone.

Let’s go down the list of our partners who will be on board as food vendors and what they'll be offering:

#1 Teapulse

Before the bubble tea trend burgeoned and became a force of its own in the last few months, Teapulse was always behind the scenes brewing their own unique blend of concoctions such as Genmaicha Milk Tea, French Rose Latte and Purple Potato Smoothie. Till this day, they still hold the title of being the only tea bar to sell kombuchas in store!

Image by: Teapulse

Since I EAT DESIGN II will be lingering around National Day, they have come up with an exclusive, refreshing occasion-themed drink for the I EAT DESIGN II.

Image by: Teapulse

Introducing you the Hibiscus Hawthorn Fermented Lemonade! Which spots a layer of deep, stunning shade of red co-existing with the fermented lemonade which is abounding in vitamins, probiotics and antioxidants. It’s also a natural remedy for flu, cough and sore throat – there’s only everything to gain with this drink here!


DOHKIE is your answer and a one-way ticket to cookie dough madness!

Image by: DOHKIE

They keep things fresh by introducing seasonal flavours every month. They’ve had Pineapple Tart-flavoured Cookie Dough in time for Lunar New Year, then ‘Matcha March’, ‘Apple Pie April’. For this event, they will be bringing their line-up of mainstay flavours such as Birthday Cake, Lemon Tart, Brownie Fudge as well as Matcha!

Image by: DOHKIE

If you’re guarded about consuming cookie dough, you can relax! They heat-treat the flour before using them and also leave eggs out in the making of these sweet treats. Who can say no to cookie dough? 

They are the first and only shop in Singapore which sells cookie dough, so that’s one thing to get excited about!

#3 Boufe Boutique Cafe

Image by: Boufe Boutique Cafe

For I EAT DESIGN 2.0, Boufe Boutique will be bringing their signature pill cake and also their jiggly Rabbit Tart to the table. If anyone's a fan of treats that wobble – souffle pancakes, soy desserts are some prime examples. It's time to add the jiggly Rabbit tart on to the list!

Image by: Boufe Boutique Cafe

There will be live stations for you and your kids to participate in the creating of the layer of marbling pattern that will blanket of the galaxy pill cake.

Image by: Boufe Boutique Cafe

Therefore, you can finally play with your food because it’s all part of the dining experience! If you’re thinking about surprising your kids, your friends or family members who appreciate all things endearing, this is one booth you’ll want to swing by at I EAT DESIGN II.

#4 Made Cold

Founder of Made Cold Marilyn Eng returned to Singapore from New York City from her work in the coffee industry in Europe and North America back in 2016.

Image by: Made Cold

She saw the opportunity to bring her expertise in the local cold brew coffee scene which was at the time well…brewing. These days, it has found its place in the refrigerators of numerous cafés and restaurants alike.

Image by: Made Cold

If you’re a coffee-holic, then you can finally get your fix of cold brew coffee from Made Cold at I EAT DESIGN II. Hurray!

#5 Jewels by CHENG


Cheng Yew Heng has been around long around to be considered among the trailblazers of the local sugar business - in fact, since 1947. You and even your parents may recognise this name on the numerous preserved fruits Chinese candies that dominate the tables during festive periods, especially Chinese New Year.

You can find the assortment of their products on our site here.

#6 Haritts Donuts & Coffee

Image by: Haritts Donuts & Coffee (Singapore)

Their origins can be traced all the way back to Tokyo, Japan in 2004 when they were still operating as a mobile cafe in Tokyo, selling these handsome treats. They’re known for their unique rendition of the Japanese doughnuts, which is less oiler and has a notably reduced sweetness. They were met with so much love and support when they first opened that they expanded into Taiwan, that they have had to limit customers to 3 pieces per purchase.

Their Singapore store sits in the middle of Clarke Quay Central and Chinatown Point at Havelock II, facing the bustling Eu Tong Sen Street.

Image by: Haritts Donuts & Coffee (Singapore)

They will be bringing their famous donuts to I EAT DESIGN II come August – give their delightful donuts a try and you may very well be surprised. And also…did we mention that there will be an exclusive flavour that they will be making just for this event? All updates will be going up on our the event page for this!


Image by:

If you’ve followed us on our socials, you’d know that we shared a picture of's bubble tea earrings. You can definitely expect more as they will be retailing accessories that embody elements from our local food culture – so we’re talking about accessories such as durian earrings, bandung earrings and nasi lemak cufflinks! Wear your heart on your sleeves! 

Image by:

They hand-paint and sculpt all of their local miniature pieces to the quality in its craftsmanship. Look out for them at I EAT DESIGN come 3 & 4 August!


Besides the variety of noms, there will also be food-themed workshops that you can sign up for to complete your food pilgrimage at I EAT DESIGN II.

Sherry’s Minis’s “Miniature Local Flavours Inspired Cakes”

Image by: Sherry's Minis

Sometimes, there’s no other way to show your love for food than to make miniatures of them – if you’re always been interested in the art of making miniatures, and you’re a foodie, then Sherry’s Minis’s workshop is where it’s your time to shine!

The mastermind behind Sherry’s Minis, Rashidah, has always had a soft spot for handmade things, having done handicrafts in 2001 since the millennium began. When she was younger, she dabbled in shrink plastic to make earstuds and pins. She also dabbled in making notebook covers, greeting cards, scrapbooking and even sewing!

Image by: Sherry's Minis

She has now branched out into the world of miniature food after attending a class in 2013 and has since amassed two cupboards full of creations. You can find the gallery of all her works on her Instagram page.

Sign up for a slot in her workshop on the 3rd August - one at 10am and one at 1pm!


Hungry already? Mark the upcoming date in your calendar and clear your weekends for I EAT DESIGN II! Follow our official Facebook event page for all the deets and updates as well!

Date: 3 & 4 August 2019
Time: 12 — 7pm daily
Fee: FREE!
Venue: Naiise Iconic @ Jewel Changi Airport, #02-205/206, Singapore 819666

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