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How To Throw An Awesome National Day Party

If you're, like us, not lucky enough to score the National Day Parade tickets, and you're tired of hanging outside but you still want to be with your friends, we'd highly suggest a house party! (Team Naiise is throwing one too!)

Make your National Day house party a memorable and impressive one with our tips below. That said, have a great holiday ahead! 


Dress Code

Uniquely Singaporean Phrase T-shirt, Simitaiji, $25

Sir Stamford Raffles Pin, LOVE SG, $9.90

Treasures of Singapore Earrings - Dragon Pelican, THE FARM STORE, $20

A fuss-free dress code will be anything in red and white. But you can take it up a notch with a dress code of "Icons of Singapore", making it fun for everyone to pick and choose from a wide selection the kind of accessories they want to don on to fit the theme.


Party Decor

Dancing Kueh Stool, Onlewo, $315 

Kiasu Print, Kampong Creative, from $70

Gem Biscuit USB Lamp, Meykrs, $34.80

One important aspect of a great party is decor. Regardless of theme, the decor can easily create a party atmosphere, easing guests into the party mood the moment they are at the party. Apart from mini flags, and sprinkling red and white all over, you can accent your space with prints of local theme, lamps shaped like fancy gem biscuits, and even stools with kueh prints.


Dining Accessories

Districts Coaster Set, LOVE SG, $19.90

Yum Seng Bottle Opener, Souvenirs From Singapore, $12.90

TWWW Trades Plate, The Way We Were, $23

Up your game with Singapore-themed dining and kitchen accessories such as Yum Seng Bottle Opener and Districts Coaster Set. That will definitely make the meal a fun and wholesome one. 


Food & Beverages

Kwong Woh Hing Sauce - Lorong Geylang Charred Hot Wing Sauce

Lorong Geylang Charred Hot Wings Sauce, Kwong Woh Hing Sauce Factory, $4.90

Pin Tea - Amoy Ahoy Oolong Tea

Amoy Ahoy Smoked Oolong Tea, Pin Tea, from $19.25

Ette Tea - Chicken Rice Tea

Chicken Rice Tea, ETTE Tea, $18

Swimming Merlion Ice Cube Tray, LOVE SG, $19.90

It's not a party if there is no food. In order to make sure you throw a kick-ass National Day Party, bring everyone's favourite hawker food to the table. Wash down the food with some tea from local tea makers like Pin Tea and ETTE Tea, and choose their wide selections of tea, such as a redone classic Oolong Tea or an interesting blend of Chicken Rice Tea. You can even make some Merlion ice with the Swimming Merlion Ice Cube Tray!



Singlish Card Deck, SayWhat?, $25

Souvenirs From Singapore - Five Stones Plus

Five Stones Plus, Souvenirs From Singapore, $12.90

Singapore Deck

The Singapore Deck, The Singapore Deck, $25.90

Happy Family Card (Singapore Version), wheniwasfour, $9.90

After catching the National Day Parade live on TV, keep your guests entertained with rounds of nostalgic childhood games, such as Happy Family and Five Stones Plus. You can also test each other's knowledge of Singlish with this Singlish Card Deck. Or just a round of dai dee with The Singapore Deck.




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I want to place an order for a Meykrs Gem Biscuit USB Lamp. Can you send me details please.

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