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How To Spend September Holidays Meaningfully

Finally, a week of breather for kids before they embark on their last lapse before the year ends. While most parents would sign their kids up for more tuition and enrichment classes, we thought it would be great to balance it out with some meaningful and fun activities to help them recharge for the stressful exams ahead. 

Here are things you can do with your kids and make their holiday a worthwhile one.


Visit A Museum

Photo Credits: OKJDiscoveries

Visiting museums not only can help to heighten general knowledge, it also helps you to bond with your kids while exploring the unknown together. From learning about cultures to being awed by lights installations (as shown above at ArtScience Museum's FUTURE WORLD exhibition), there will definitely be one exhibition that will be of you and your kid's interests.


Get Physical 

Photo Credits: Sentosa

Head out and enjoy the sun and the sea! Exercising can help your kids to focus better. If you don't have time to head overseas to surf in the oceans, you can give Sentosa Wavehouse a go and learn how to surf with your little ones. If water sports is not your thing, you can always spend a day out hiking and cycling at Hort Park, while embracing the nature. 


Cultivate The Spirit Of Giving

Photo Credits: Club Rainbow

Helping the less fortunate can make a huge difference in someone's life and it is important to constantly remind your kids that they can always lend their hands to help. From kids, old folks, to animals, there will be a place that you and your child can definitely volunteer to help out at. 


Craft A New Holiday

Naiise has a series of workshops that can help your kids get crafty, expanding their skill sets and allowing them to explore their interests. While most of the kids workshops are only happening in October, you can embark on DIY projects with your kids at home to sound out their interest before signing up!


Spending Quality Time Together

At the end of the day, taking your time off work to spend it with your kids, doing almost anything, will definitely mean a lot to your kids. Go out and cycle, have a picnic, throw a PJs party and binge-watch their favourite shows - it's the time spent together that counts.





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