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How To Pack Light For Your Next Holiday

Holiday season will soon be upon us, and as you start making plans on where to go next, the inevitable headache will arrive.


Be it a short beach holiday or a long Europe trip, packing light can be challenging, especially if you have the tendency to overpack. We have come up with a set of guidelines that you can follow and use it the next time you pack for your long holiday. Remember, if you pack light, you have more space for shopping!


1. Essentials at Bare Minimum

There will be more to pack when you are heading to somewhere colder. Limit your packing to nothing more than 2 bottoms and 1 coat. We know it will be hard for those of you who are into dressing up (we do too!) but we'll come to that in a bit. 


2. Stay Strong In The Mix & Match Game

Photo Credits: Momentarily Dreaming 

If you are worried that you might dress the same everyday when you're on holiday, and that your #ootd game will be weakened, learn how to mix and match your clothes. The thing about mixing and matching your clothes is that you bring lesser clothes, but you can permutate your outfit more, though this requires a bit more planning beforehand. 


3. Time To Whip Out The Free Sample

Photo Credits: Justaboutskin

Don't waste your luggage space with full-sized bottles. Put the skincare product samples to good use - bring them on vacation! If your trip is a little longer and you do not have enough samples to last you through the holiday, you can prepare smaller bottles for your shampoo and shower gel.


4. Time To Put On Some Disposables 

As much as you would like to put on your comfy undergarments, a smarter decision will be opting for disposable undergarments. Plus, most of us are lazy when it comes to doing our laundry during vacation, so this will definitely kill two birds with one stone. 


5. 2 Pairs For The Road

Technically, you'll be only putting 1 pair in your luggage, because you'll be wearing the other one. Put on that trusty pair of shoes that you know you can walk the miles in. The other pair, is dependent on the other activities that you plan to do, e.g. flip flops for beaches, dress shoes for fancy dinners or club nights etc.


6. Fill The Empty Spaces With Excitement

We are sure this is on the top of your packing list. And don't worry, you can bring this onboard too, and it doesn't weigh anything, physically. 











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