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How To Make Your Picnic Instagram-Worthy

Nothing can get more summer-ish than a picnic at a park with your friends and family during the weekends. After looking at amazing photos of picnics happening around the world these days, we've been dreaming of picnic dates these days and we want you to live and experience a picture-perfect picnic too!

Here are some of our tips to make your next picnic lust-worthy!

Photo Credits: localmilkblog


Flatlay Backdrops

... which actually refers to your picnic mat or what goes on above your mat to provide a suitable backdrop for your picnic flatlay. If you have prepared disposable picnic mats, tea towels will be a great and fuss-free way to help you with your flatlay.

Tea Towel Geometry - Rose/White/GreyHouse Doctor$18

Assorted Tea Towels, Kamilinen, $18

Royal Pink Mandala Tapestry - Twin Size, Jaipur Handloom, $38

Pretty Cutlery & Crockery

Part of styling photos is to make sure all of the items in your photos are pretty, even your cutlery and crockery! Place your delicious food on pretty and statement plates and bowls, and savour them with your favourite set of adorable cutlery.

Ice Cream Spoon, Aljir Fine Crafts, $9.90 

Large Fish Shaped Serving Platter (Ceser), RICE, $64.80

Medium Speech Bubble Plate - Red Wood, AMARA, $24


Colourful & Delicious Food

One of the most important elements of an awesome picnic is none other than the spread of yummy food that you've prepared. To up a notch and make it Instagram worthy, go a step further and work on your plating skills, making sure that they are photo-ready at any angle, any time. 

Photo Credits: aubriepick

Blueberry Goji Coconut Granola, Amazin' Graze, $11.50


Best Company

Above all, always eat and party with your favourite people. Gather your besties and family for your next picnic! Have tonnes of fun!



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