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Going Iconic for Naiise Iconic

As we're getting ready for the Naiise Iconic store opening in Jewel Changi Airport (end of May), we decided to put together a list of iconic gifts that incorporates the elements of Singapore that are also affordable gifts for friends travelling or even for yourself!


White Rabbit Outfits for Boys & Girls (The Thievery) 

Remember the White Rabbit candies they used to sell at your local convenience stores? Local clothing brand The Thievery have come up with clothing for the toddlers and kiddos that is very much reminiscent of the unforgettable milk candies. Combine it's nostalgic force with our iconic merlion scales and you get a product that makes you go "aww so cute!"  


White Rabbit Kids Clothing

White Rabbit Shirt (left), White Rabbit Dress (right) by The Thievery. 45 SGD, 49 SGD respectively.


Merlion Plate & ‘Let’s Jalan in Singapore’ Plate (THE FARM STORE) 

Eating with condiments has never looked this cool. Thanks to THE FARM STORE, you can now dip your nuggets with curry sauce served in one of these merlion plates and saucers! C'mon, who doesn't love nuggets and curry sauce?

To add on to your...plate (pun intended), we've got a gift suited for your non-Singaporean friends that is also a cute reminder of our landmarks, food and attractions — Kueh Lapis, East Coast Park, The Dragon playground and even a bowl of Laksa, just to name a few.

Merlion Plate and Saucer & Let's Jalan Plate | THE FARM STORE

Merlion Plate + Saucer Set (left), 'Let's Jalan In Singapore' Plate (right) by The Thievery. 29 SGD, 18.10 SGD respectively.


Green Kaya Truffles or Teh Tarik Truffles Anyone? (Chocoelf)

If you're the adventurous type, we've got Chocoelf who managed to concoct dark chocolate truffles that are stuffed with Teh Tarik and Kaya …sounds like a match made in heaven, don't you think?

Kaya and Chocolate Truffles | Chocoelf

Green Kaya Dark Chocolate Truffle (left), Teh Tarik Dark Chocolate Truffle (right) by Chocoelf. 25 SGD each.


Singapore Special Bubi Bottles (Crimson Red & Pacific Blue) [Bubi]


Ditch the plastic bottles because we've got something better for the patriotic Singaporean in you. Bubi Bottles, the world’s first scrunchable BPA-free bottle, is designed to ensure it takes up the least possible space in your carry-on tote. With its bright red skyline design, there’s no better way to brag about your national pride than to carry around one of these.

Bubi Singapore Bottle (22 oz.) [Crimson Red, Pacific Blue] by Bubi. 39.90 SGD


Nostalgic Singapore Street Snacks Magnets (Lim Hang Kwong) 

The one thing that will remain undisputed about Singapore is its reputation as a food hub. This fridge magnet by Lim Hang Kwong showcases some of the most iconic and evocative local dishes and desserts, which would easily make your stomach growl. Ondeh-ondeh, Ice Kacang, You Tiao, Curry Puff, Ang Ku Kueh, Muah Chee…this is food, truly!

Nostalgic Singapore Street Snacks Fridge Magnet by Hang Kwong Lim. 4.90 SGD

Singapore Postcard (Little Red Box) 

Post-its? Post Malone? Nope, even better – it's Singapore postcards designed by Little Red Box! Perfect for when you want to send someone a reminder of home.

'The Singapore Experience' and 'I Love Singapore' postcards by Little Red Box. 1.50 SGD each


To shop for more local iconic stuff, check out the Go Local collection on our website!

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