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Go Get 'Em, Tiger!

A mention of Tiger probably turns many people's heads, and the instant thirst for our local homegrown beer, Tiger hits you involuntarily. What many do not know is that they have a lovely collection of memorabilia from their iconic drinkware, such as their beer glasses and beer tower, to personal accessories, such as clothing and slippers. 

Not sure about you guys, but for us, when we head out for drinks, we always wonder where we could lay our hands on Tiger Beer's merchandise. The good folks at Tiger Brewery Tour has almost everything you need to start your own Tiger bar. 

With a rich culture and history, Tiger has definitely made its name from Singapore to all over the world. What most of us do not know is that you can actually tour the Tiger brewery and learn more about the process of Tiger beer brewing. We took a little tour and we had heaps of fun learning about the history of Tiger beer, tapping our own pints, and sampling some of the freshest Tiger we have ever drunk. 

Here's a little showcase of the bottling process for Tiger beers.

Wear your love for Tiger and own clothing and accessories, such as a beer opener cap, t-shirts, singlets, and even slippers as shown above. 

Now go get 'em all, Tiger!







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