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Christmas Gift Under $30 for Every Type of Co-Worker

You don't have to work overtime thinking of what to get for your colleagues because we did the thinking for you!

We hunted down the best gifts under $30 for every type of co-worker, perfect for buddies, colleagues as well as Secret Santa!


For the intern who went above and beyond this semester: 

Gift Under $30 for Every Type of Co-worker

The Flip Book by Staple Object $19.90


For the co-worker who always wants to get an afternoon coffee:

Kopibag Mug by Red Republic $20.00


Dinosaur Connoisaur Coffee Mug by BigMouth Inc $24.90


For the co-worker who is always going  “what day/date is it today ah?”


2019 Desk Calendar by Actspressions  $18.90


For the co-worker, you sit next to but don’t know that well: 


Note on the Clouds Magnet Set (Pastel) by Qualy $13.52


For the co-worker who organises the office happy hours:


Tiger Beer Boot Glass by Tiger Brewery Tour $30.00


For the co-worker is IG-Storying all the time:


21 Days Stop Technology Addiction by Doiy $15.00


For the co-worker who wants to make their desk feel cosier:


Lavender Soy Candle (4oz) by Hush Candle $18.00


For the co-worker who always shares their skin-care tips: 


Super Holiday Bundle by Doki Doki $16.00


For the co-worker who has wires all over their desk: 


Bluelounge Cabledrop Multi by Bluelounge $18.90

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