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Gift a Piece of Singapore

Life brings us to many places and we meet many people on a daily basis. It is no surprise that we will have friends from around the globe. Getting a souvenir that can remind them of Singapore for them can be a challenge sometimes. Be it acquaintance, a really awesome friend, or just for a Singaporean who has been living abroad for a while, we have a great selection of Singapore souvenirs that you can browse from to get some great gift ideas.

Singlish Perpetual CalendarTHE FARM STORE, $18

One of our bestsellers to date, this calendar not only is perpetual (read: use this forever), it can also teach your friend some Singlish. 

Singlish Card Deck, SayWhat?, $25

Best for those who are always intrigued by Singlish, this card deck is a game that allows you to learn Singlish over a card game. Fun and interactive, this will definitely be a hit at a party!

Merlion Chou Chou (Kissing)Souvenirs From Singapore, $24.90

Singapore's iconic Merlion is now available in plushie version. Now, your friend can pack this in his/her luggage and bring home a bit of Singapore.  

Happiness Candy Cushion (Single), The Joy Troopers, $56.90

If your friend digs this amazing childhood candy, surprise him/her with this cushion! (p.s. Do you remember how we always questioned if that layer of "paper" can be eaten?

Nonya Kueh Sticky Notes, THE FARM STORE, $15

One of the edible must-haves when tourists are in Singapore will be nyonya kueh. Likening to the layers of kueh to the pieces of sticky notes, this will make a lovely and practical gift for your friend. 


Rose Bandung Kopitiam Lip Balm, Shophouse Sixtyfive, $9.80

You'll never have to miss drinking bandung when you're out of town with this Rose Bandung Kopitiam Lip Balm with you wherever you go - just smear it on your lips!

Queue RulerSouvenirs From Singapore, $12.90

Queueing is what Singaporeans are known for, "What's that ah?", "I don't know leh, but just join lor since it is a long queue!" Have a quick laugh whenever you whip out your ruler and you will never have a boring day at work or school.

Curry Puff Cushion, Nom Nom Plush, from $29.90

You can easily get curry puffs around Singapore and it is undeniably one of the yummy pastries of Singapore. Available in two sizes, this Curry Puff Cushion will involuntarily win the "awww" from your friends.

Chicken Rice Cushion Coverwheniwasfour$28

How can anyone not relate chicken rice to Singapore? Express this undying love for the fragrant chicken rice with this cushion cover.

Hamilton Road Chilli Crab Sauce, Kwong Woh Hing Sauce Factory, $4.90

Speaking of food, this sauce is probably one of the easiest and best gifts to bring with you everywhere you go, especially on those days when you are really homesick. 

Merlion Shopper in WhiteTHE FARM STORE, $13.90

No more plastic bags when you have this recyclable one

I Am Not Kanchiong NotebookEpigram Books, $9.90

If you do not already know, "kanchiong" means anxious or uneasy in Hokkien. For a friend who is constantly rushing, this notebook will be great to shove off any "kanchiong" comments because he/she is just on the ball!


Chope TeeKilobite, $35.90

Innate in every Singaporeans who love to chope tables and seats almost everywhere we go, this t-shirt is a perfect souvenir for those who have this slight kiasu tendency in whatever they do. 

Png Kueh Girl Wristlet Bag, Ang Ku Kueh Girl and Friends, $26.90

You can now have one of our very own local traditional pastry, a.k.a. rice kueh, on your wrist!

A - Z Local Food Postcards, Frus, $4.50

You'll probably end up getting the full range of 'A' to 'Z' postcards, illustrated with local foods and delicacies that Singaporeans love. This will be great as a postcard or as an ideal decor piece if you frame them up.

Nasi Lemak Tea, ETTE Tea, $26

Always gathering favourable responses from our customers who have sniffed this tea, this tea is great for your friends who cannot get over Nasi Lemak. Don't need to fret over the fact that you cannot travel with Nasi Lemak because this tea has made it possible!


Old Biscuit Tin Pinwheniwasfour, $15.90

Easily one of many Singaporeans' favourite snacks, this pin allows you to express your love for fancy gems. Plus, it's adorable for your outfit or bags!

HDB Evenings, Ming // Playgrnd, $20

A familiar sight you will see everyday in Singapore, Ming // Playgrnd brings out all the senses in you as you think of the evenings around your HDB neighbourhood.

Uncle Notebook, Souvenirs From Singapore, $4.90

The Kopi Uncle you see in coffee shops brewing coffee is now stylishly depicted on the Uncle Notebook. If you know someone who miss their go-to kopitiam, this notebook will make a cute little gift.

Tee-saurus Office Buddy Sketchpad, Tee-saurus, $18.90

Singlish, the iconic rendition of English by Singaporeans, is probably what instantly welcomes a foreigner or a Singaporean back on this little red dot. Get this sketchpad and tickle them with the funny catchphrases that will make working more fun!

Kueh Tutu Earring Studs, Miniature Asian Chef by Juliana$20

Just like how tutu kueh is made, this earring studs are also handmade with love locally. Get this ear studs to proclaim your love for tutu kueh!


Uniquely Singaporean Phrase Tee, Simitaiji$25

The red and the white - very Singapore, especially after planting in Singapore catchphrases. A really cool and iconic souvenir to remember Singapore. 

Singapore Summer Letterpress Postcard, The Fingersmith Letterpress, $3.80

With only one season (that is, summer) in Singapore, this postcard portrays Singapore's weather in the most accurate manner. You can now proudly exclaim your survival in the extremely hot and humid Singapore!


Terms & Conditions: 

- Not applicable with other on-going promotions.
- Not valid for sale items and furniture.
- Only applicable for purchases above $50
- Redeem while promotion ends.


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