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Gentlemen, Assemble!

For the suit-loving gentlemen, we might've just found the perfect suit-or for you.

True to its name, Assemble Singapore is all about piecing and constructing your ideal suit together, all in the name of aesthetics.

What started off as a love for dressing up, even in casual settings, became a business eventually for Ken and Lyn, the founders of Assemble Singapore, back in 2014.


When he decided to convert his passion into a career, Ken also strived to be different from the rest. He told us that in his business, the customer is the designer. Unlike most tailors who limit customisation to just the colours and buttons, at Assemble Singapore, you have free rein over how you want your pieces to be like, down to the very last detail, even the linings on your button holes.


Getting your suit made is just a simple two-step process. The first fitting involves taking your measurements and selecting your fabric, buttons, button hole linings and the print on your inner lining. When it comes down to buttons, there’s a selection of over 80 different buttons to choose from, ranging from shell ones to unique wood ones that you can’t usually find at other tailors.

To Ken, it is important to take into consideration one’s skin tone, face shape as well as existing wardrobe when it comes to recommending his customers from such a wide selection of different fabrics.

“You wouldn’t want to repeat colours they already have!” says Ken, who strives to create a piece as unique as possible for his customers. 


Once the first fitting is done, Ken will make a skeleton piece out of these measurements, and customers have to come down for the second and last time to try it on. Once the fit has been confirmed, Ken will then go on to make the rest of the suit. And that’s it! The next time that you'll see Ken, your pieces would have been completed and ready to be worn.

Assemble Singapore is also the first tailor in Singapore that allows customers to print their linings. This means that you can have absolutely anything you want on the inside of your suit, and the best part is no one else can see it, no matter how whacky and quirky it is!

Fun fact: One of the most interesting orders Ken has gotten was a photo collage of a couple, to be printed on the lining of the groom’s wedding suit. Talk about love from within.


If you would like to get your suit tailor-made, you can visit Assemble Singapore at Naiise @ Orchard Gateway, by appointments only. You can make an appointment with them via email [email protected] or drop them a private message on Facebook or Instagram.Tailor-made shirts start from $69 and 2-piece suits start at $480.







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