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Finally A Pair That's Truly Yours - Made by Palola

Be it as a daily essential or for vanity's sake, shoes are undeniably something we tend to splurge on and there is no doubt, apart from pricing, the next thing we look for in a pair of good shoes is none other than comfort. 

If you live for a good pair of comfy shoes like many of us at Naiise do, Palola might be your next go-to shoe shop for your next pair of bespoke shoes.

The hands behind the shoes - Joshua, Jeremiah and Kenneth - founded Palola in July 2016, on top of their own leather brands, and are inspired by a cry from their friends' wives (and their own included!) to produce women’s shoes. With their tagline, “Born To Wander”, Palola was designed in the name of wanderlust and the spirit of adventure. “We want women to feel like they can roam around in a good pair of shoes”, says co-founder Joshua Leong, who has been making shoes for 3 years now.

Spending an afternoon with the shoemakers, we have learnt a thing or two about how to go about getting your very own pair of ballet flats. Ladies, listen up!

You must be wondering - How are Palola shoes different from other ballet flats?

There are a couple of differentiating factors that Palola shoes possess. The most obvious one being that the shoes are highly customisable. For starters, all shoes at Palola are made-to-order, so you will never get a pair of shoes that is exactly the same anywhere else. When you order them, you have the option of choosing the “made-to-order” or “bespoke” option.

Here's a simple three-step process to kickstart your journey with Palola.


1. Choose Your Fit

Interestingly, Palola carries women's sizes from Euro 34 all the way to 46, even in half-size increments. They’ve heard their customers' cries for shoes that cater to women with larger feet, and have answered them. Thought that was cool yet? Palola also offers the option to choose different sizes for each foot, acknowledging that most individual’s feet are asymmetrical. On top of all those options, Palola carries two fits of shoes - the standard fit (mostly tailored to Asian feet shapes), and the slimfit.


2. Choose Your Model

Each model has been thoughtfully designed and named by the owners themselves, capturing the character and style of the shoes. The 5 designs are (from left to right, with reference to the above image) the Jessica (New York), Sofia (Milan), Yumi (Toyko), Cherie (Paris) and Cate (London).

The owners shared that most time was spent on crafting the Yumi and Sofia but their hard work paid off as these two pairs of shoes have become their two bestsellers.


3. Choose Your Leather

For the bespoke series, shoes can be tailored to accommodate customers with irregularities in their feet, such as bunions. A last, which is a mechanical form made to resemble human feet, is made according to the dimensions of the customer and shoes are made to fit it. The first pair of bespoke shoes per customer go for $895 per pair, then back at made-to-order price for subsequent pairs.



Care Tips For Your Palola Shoes

Due to the moisture in the air and our feet, it’s important for us to allow the leather to rest and recover, hence it is recommended to alternate between shoes so you won't wear them out easily.

Also, wet leather is weak leather, so whenever your leather shoes get wet, it’s important to air dry them completely before wearing them again.




Palola currently offers a promotional price, in line with their pop-up at Naiise @ The Cathay, of $295 for a pair of classic leather shoes and $345 for premium leather until 30th June, thereafter a new set of prices would be introduced.

Bear in mind that premium leather are carried in small quantities and hence limited in stock, so hurry!


Palola at Naiise @ The Cathay
2 Handy Road,
The Cathay, 
From now till 28 May, 12pm - 10pm






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