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10 Brands to Impress Your Dads this Father's Day

Dads have a reputation of being more easy-going  with Father’s Day - sometimes, even nonchalant! Still, that shouldn’t stop you from going all out to find the perfect gift for your dad. Have a look at what we have in the Naiise store:

#1 — Happy Socks

Definitely a present to remember - it’s the Happy Socks’ I Love Dad Socks Gift Box.  Packaged in a sweet white box scribbled with playful doodles reminiscent of your kid's arts and craft class, it definitely tugs your heart strings. 

Find out more  here! 

#2 — Alwis & Xavier

Your dad may be the type to love his cologne, but honestly - it doesn’t feel right to carry liquid colognes with you on the go. Thankfully, Alwis & Xavier’s handcrafted solid cologne makes it possible to do just that! Every solid cologne is also made to moisturise your skin, with ingredients such as Shea Butter and Vitamin E Oil.


The application of it is really simple - this diagram by them helps to explain it in the simplest sense:

Find out more  H E R E !

#3 — Oo La Lab

But if  your dad is loyal to his liquid fragrances , Oo La Lab has your back on this – with some bespoke and unique fragrances . Founder Terry Jacobson has a decade worth of experience worked on numerous prestigious fragrance projects for brands like Changi Airport, ION Orchard and CK Tangs.

Check out their Eau de Parfum - Fine Fragrance: 7 Fabrics, which includes intriguing fragrances such as Velvet, Cashmere, Silk, Cotton, Lace, Sequin, Suede.


For the modern dads, chances are, CAVEMAN’s apparels are the way to go. With playful colours and the quality natural fibers, let style find comfort. 

Find out more  here !

#5 — The Somerset Toiletry Company

The Somerset Toiletry Company are exquisite and quintessentially British in its packaging, and are priced so reasonably and realistically that your wallets are safe from the singe of a steep pricing.

Your dad will love their Men’s Retro Soaps as well as their Mr. Hair and Body Wash - it’s practical enough to double as a shampoo and body wash and has scents that typically resonate with males – spicy, citrus, woody, musky and earthy!

Find out more  here!

#6 — Sunday Shirt

Play up your dad's wardrobe with bold designs from Sunday Shirt. Perfect for weekends and family dinners, jazz up your style with these printed shirts. 

Find out more  here !


While travelling around the region and the world for work, or if he’s working on the go most of the time, he could definitely use one of these handy Power Bagels by MOGICS. It’s the world’s first travel power strip which is shaped like arguably the most perfect donut and has 4 Universal AC sockets, 1 US AC socket, 2 USB Fast Charge ports – which allows your dad to connect his devices in more than 150 countries worldwide! Handy, beautiful, practical – could this be the Father’s Day gift of the year?

Find out more  H E R E !

#8 — Welkin & Spine 

Or if your dad has a fondness for the sleek, clean-cut, gentleman look, look no further than Welkin & Spine. You can help him achieve that with their durable and classic leather goods, which include phone cases, wallets, tablet cases, passport holders and keychains.

Find out more  HERE!

#9 — Wet Tee Shirt

For your dad who cracks the obvious Dad-Jokes, we've got  Wet Tee Shirts. They cook up some of the most unexpected puns that all Singaporeans can relate to and appreciate. 

Find out more  H E R E!


Potato chips and Hae Bee Hiam is the recipe for the best pairing of comfort food. If your dads are the type to turn on football every Saturday night, then chances are - he’d be looking for some snacks to go along with his kick-back-and-relax session. PAPAPENG’s Potato Chips with Hae Bee Hiam dip are savoury and has a slight kick from the shrimp chili dip – perfect for just that and in fact, any occasion that calls for a get-together.

Find out more  H E R E !


Special Happenings for Father's Day (1-16 June)

We would also be having a sale in-store at Naiise Iconic! With up to 39% off discount on brands like Caveman, Papapeng and Happy Socks, enjoy these exclusive discounts!

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