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EATSingapore 2017: Double The Fun At The Price Of One

We probably have established that eating is one of Singaporean's favourite pastimes. We always go a little crazy when it comes to food, from the latest food trends to the latest cafes - nothing stops us from riding the wave and being the foodie we all are. 

To help you make your foodie journey an enjoyable and more pocket-friendly one, we would like to introduce EATSingapore 2017 to your foodie survival pack. 

Seeking delicious food at restaurants can be quite pressurising for your wallet, especially so if you tend to be the one footing the bill for both you and your loved ones. With EATSingapore, you will definitely save some bucks here. 


Really? Quick, tell me how it works!

Bring down your copy of EATSingapore to any of the 12 restaurants featured for 2017, and you can get the second main course on the house. 

To put things into perspective, let's work out the savings here, shall we? 

Conservatively, let's say a main course is about $30. If you were to visit all 12 restaurants in this book, you would have spent $360 for all the main courses per pax, $720 for the both of you. With EATSingapore, you are now only paying $360 for two pax.

TL;DR? You're gonna save almost 50% of what you will spend without when you and your foodie partner dine at these restaurants.


Now, we're going to show you how simple it is to score some great deals! 


1. Choose From The 12 Featured Restaurants

Photo Credits: EATSingapore


Find the restaurant that you want to feast at from the list. Here's the breakdown: Alati, Aura, BAM!, Chef's Table by Chef Stephan Zoisl, CreatureS, Dehesa, Meta, Morsels, Salted and Hung, The Song of India, Tóng Lè , UsQuBa.

For us, we chose to dine at CreatureS because come on, that laksa was seducing us!


2. Make A Reservation

Confirm when you want to head down for a feast with your date, and make a reservation, while mentioning that you will be bringing EATSingapore 2017 down, because the last thing you want is a full-house situation with no seats for you. 


3. Get Your Copy Of EATSingapore 2017 Before Heading Down

If you don't have this, you will miss a great deal. So get yours here.


4. Go (Slightly) Crazy With Your Orders

We stuffed ourselves with these (from top to bottom): Ah Gong Fried Chicken & Ah Ma Noodles (Mains), Crazy Cheong Fun Revolution (Sharing), Creatures Laksa (Mains).

Remember to snap gazillion photos!


5. Flash EATSingapore Before Paying

The friendly staff will sign off on the book to indicate the redemption, and you'll only have to pay for 1 main. Easy peasy.

And check out that personal message they left behind. <3 


Get your copy of EATSingapore 2017 and make a reservation now!







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