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Damn Fast O.N.E Lah!

We know that waiting time is one of the determining factors when it comes to online shopping, especially for overseas products. We hear you! 

Bringing to you our Damn Fast O.N.E collection, where we hunt high and low for amazing products from around the globe, exclusively to Naiise, you just have to wait 3 days for these products to reach your doorstep.

Scroll down to see some of the products that are On Naiise Exclusively (O.N.E)! Really Damn Fast O.N.E lah!



Bite Me Wax Fragrance, $28

These luscious-looking lips are not only fragrant, but also a statement decorative piece for your table. Hurry, buy(te) me! :)

Saturn Tray - Olive & Gold$120

With a removable divider, you can now keep your little items in an organised fashion. Plus, doesn't this just look really sexy in your home?



Tote - Camel$183

Complete your daily getup with this chic and timeless piece. Choose from the array of colours that best complement your outfit!


Classic (Navy)$453

If you looking for a bag that works for both formal and informal occasions, this one is for you chic ladies. 



Stockholm Messenger - Flakes, $119

Here's your chance to be eco-friendly! This bag is made up of recycled cork, sprinkled with colours that will still keep you in on the fashionista list.



Wallet / Tobacco Pouch - Olive Green, $27.90

Keep all your valuables in one place with this pouch that combines practicality with design - something that you cannot miss out on! 




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