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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

Creative Sessions with Emotions Run Wild: Feb 2020

“What makes you happy? What makes you truly happy in life?”

If posed this question, would we have an answer at our disposal?

Meet Jones Liew, the founder of Emotions Run Wild. He regularly asks this question to his friends, associates and audience at the talks he gives - and on all occasions, it never fails to elicit the “uhh”, “umm” and the inevitable pauses.

It was one of the last things you’d expect as a conversation starter, but similarly, this was how he began our conversation.

“We are often so caught up with our lives and the pursuit of what's kept us busy, that we don’t spend time thinking about what actually makes us happy,” he shared.

Emotions Run Wild is the one game to help you open up to a world of feelings, and the power that they hold.

Playing The Game

There are 66 Emotion cards that are classed into 6 main ones - happy, sad, surprise, anger, disgust, fear.

To couple with that, there are 55 Scenario cards. These scenario cards are situations that will have you thinking of yourself in the context and also about how you should react to them.

Think of the well-known Cards Against Humanity; only this time, you’re given different scenarios per round, you place down one of the Emotion cards you have on hand and regale your friends with a story on why you’d feel that emotion.

Whoever has the best story of that round gets the Emotion card. And whoever emerges with the most emotion cards at the end of a number of rounds, wins!

How Jones Became The Man of Emotions

Outside of the Emotions Run Wild, Jones does training, gives talks and coach individuals on personal development and leadership training for corporations, though his calling wasn’t discovered until a major roadblock rocked the nation - SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) epidemic in 2003.

“I started at Prudential as an insurance agent. I studied Tourism and Hospitality, but when I came out of the army, it was the SARS period. I couldn’t find a job in the hospitality industry, so I thought about what’s the next industry that was always recruiting - and it was insurance.”

It was the personal development modules such as peak performance and leadership motivation that had piqued his interest and he decided that training and development, was something that he wanted to explore even further. Since then, he has learnt plenty of elements of social psychology and on People Organisation Development.

“And the rest is history,” he explained as modestly as he could, yet with a sense of pride and satisfaction. Fast forward to present day, he has been working as a trainer for different training and consultancy firms for 15 years now!

Embrace Your Emotions!

Understanding the reasons behind the emotions that you feel can help you unlock new frontiers in your life.

Jones shared that he had a 68-year-old friend who goes by the name Uncle Lee who did his exercise during  – first, he was asked to list out a few things that come to mind when it comes to the emotion ‘Happy’. They then went through each item to find out why it makes him feel that way.

He gave four answers, and was asked more about each of them. After pondering over all of them, there was one that he felt the strongest sense of attachment towards: travelling with his friends. He told Jones that he missed them as he hadn’t seen them in a while - and by a while, he meant decades. He figured at that moment, that it was what he wanted the most.

“3 months later, when I stumbled upon him on my Facebook feed, it turns out that he'd managed to reconnect with one of his friends from university, and they both went on a trip to China, Mongolia and Tibet.”  “That’s the power in realising that intangible. When they that experience that realisation, they are more driven to take action.”

There is truly a great deal of power in rationalising our emotions. And it ties in with the vision he’s set out in his game: “Everybody deserves the chance and the right to live life joyfully.”

What To Expect at the Creative Sessions

Jones will be introducing the game and the inspiration behind it - you will get the golden chance of trying it out and trust us when we say it’s absolute fun.

Jones does a whole day-workshop on emotional intelligence - and for this session, you will be getting a taste of it.

He hopes that people leave the Creative Sessions with much greater awareness on how we choose to think and feel can influence very different outcomes.

Our outcomes can be influenced just by rethinking and then choosing how we feel about a situation. Once we understand this, it’s easier to find happiness, even amidst times when the waters are troubled. Jones shared with us this model alluding to this notion:


So, before you sign up for the Creative Session - we’ll leave you on this question:

What makes you happy?

Sign-Ups & Details

Join Emotions Run Wild at our upcoming Creative Session at Naiise Iconic - tickets are available for purchase HERE!

Date: 29 Feb 2020
Time: 1:00 — 2:30pm
Price: $10/pax

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