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Creating A Bohemian Home by @kisses.vera

The older I get, the more I have been drawn to interiors more than fashion. You can say that Crate & Barrel is rapidly replacing Zara. So I can't be more delighted to collaborate with Naiise on my 10 Naiise Things, handpicked from their site to pimp up my room.

When it comes to interiors, I am drawn to natural materials like driftwood, marble and fur to add a bit of warmth to my room. My room's color palette is generally white and deep mahogany brown - the bedframe and custom wardrobe both carries that color scheme. I picked out those colors when I was 15 actually; that was when I moved into the current apartment, and I slowly built up my aesthetic and collection of of homeware over the years.

The Vanity Table

This is actually a long bookshelf which I placed horizontally. I use the shelf to store my magazines and bags, and the top I use it as a vanity table of sort, to display my favorite homeware pieces, and accessories in a pleasing manner.

I usually keep a few books which I am currently reading on the table - they are tucked between these cute Scene Shang bookends.

My night ritual comprises of me lighting a candle, listening to some chill lounge music before eventually getting myself ready for bed. I like the companion of a warm flame at night instead of lights, as well as relaxing to the scent that lingers in my room even after I blow out the candle. I absolutely adore Lumira candles as its scents are not too sweet (I dislike floral, sweet vanilla scents), but instead go for more complex, multi-layered scents like cedar, leather, sandalwood, fig and rose. Winding down with a this No. 352 Leather & Cedar Lumira candle at night is really a treat.

On the table are also the Snug Studio Cloud Cutting Board. You can place this in your kitchen for a daily dose of whimsy, or you can use it as a stand for your fragrances as what I am currently doing. I also selected two rolls of the Midnight Sparks night lights - These lights are battery operated, so you don't have to worry about plugging them in. The rose gold wires are so thin and malleable that you can twist them around anything you want to leave behind a trail of gold stars at night.


The Work Desk

I have a small work desk in my room on nights when I work late and choose not to use the study room. On my wall, I have my New Year Resolutions, as well as three calligraphy quotes from Actseed Co.

I like to have a little bit of green on my work desk and nothing is better than having a terrarium. This one here is customized for me by MossInGarden. Charles, the founder behind beautiful terrariums, insists that I'm the girl riding the bike in the terrarium. He also makes very beautiful self-contained garden worlds with little figurines which can be customized however you want.

I write down my goals and plans in this "Goal Digger" notebook from Mi Goals - This nifty little notebook allows you to step by step detail your goals and has little quotes scattered through its pages to motivate you to simply get shit done. 

Finally, my new toy is my Soundpiece Mini and Soundpiece Mini Grill in marble, a portable bluetooth speaker from Happy Plugs. I usually put this one the moment I get home and the mornings when I wake up to play my favorite music.

Others -
Lamp - Repurposed from an old soup can from Etsy
Deer Antler (used as ring stand) - Vintage from Etsy
Floral Ballet Dancer calendar - Gift from dear friend @lovelimzy, who creates beautiful paintings from real flowers

I store my watches in this concrete tray which I bought from Sydney. The whole wood coaster was purchased in London. I like buying homeware overseas - they kind of remind me of the places which I have travelled to.

Also featured here is the Matter Jump-In Romper, with a handloomed Vahi print that is hand-tied and dyed in India. Matter works with several grassroots organisations in India, where families have been practicing the art of blockprinting and hand-dying for more than 4 generations. Each Matter piece is unique and made with sustainable means. 

Pro cheat tip

Finally, a cheap way to add some character to your vanity table would be paper coffee cups - these ones are from Market Lane Coffee in Melbourne, and Cafe Kitsune in Paris.

I hope you have enjoyed my 10 Naiise Things - Let me know in the comments which you favorite piece is!

Enter the code 10NAIISEVERA for 10% off your purchases at 

Words by: Churp Churp Alpha influencer Vera Mao @kisses.vera

Churp Churp, a subsidiary of the Netccentric Group, is the first and leading social media advertising community and talent program within the region.


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