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Christmas Gift Ideas For 10 Types of Singaporeans

It's Christmas just next Sunday (gasp!) and if you are still not checking anything off your Christmas shopping list because you are really clueless on what to get for your fellow friends, let us know help you out a little here. Gift ideas for 10 types of Singaporeans, here we go!


1. The Kiasu Patriot

Chope Magnetic Keychain, Souvenirs From Singapore, $9.90

I Am Not Kiasu Notebook, Epigram Books, from $10.60

80s Estate Essentials, All Bundled Up By Naiise, $105.10

The no.1 trait of all Singaporeans, whether you like it or not, is being kiasu, which loosely translates to scared of losing. We are always doing our best and striving be the top of class, and there's nothing to wrong with being kiasu. Gift the above to someone and remind them to embrace their kiasu selfs and be who themselves at all times!


2. The Minimalist

The Flip Book - Blank/Grid, Staple Object, $29.90

Brass Receipt Clip, Limiteria, $26.60

Sakura Bag, Ucon Acrobatics, $69

One of the easiest ways to identify a minimalist is to observe what they own and how they dress. Simple, monochrome, and hassle-free - these are some of the adjectives that a minimalist would identify with. Complement their minimalistic lifestyle with these items. They will love it, we are sure. 


3.  The Music Junkie

TIME/SPACE 12" Vinyl, Charlie Lim, $48

Hoodiepillow® Hooded Pillowcase, HoodiePillow, $46.50

A Visual Compendium Of Notable Haircuts in Popular Music, Pop Chart Lab, $45

If you are cracking your head to find the right gift to impress your music-loving friend, here are some ideas you can use. From vinyls to pillowcases that support aural pleasures, we are sure you will be able to find one that your friends love. 


4. The Pop Culture Master

Air Freshener - Kanye, Mr Marvelous, $12.85

A-Z - Pulp Fiction Print, Kult3D, $100

Heartbreak Kit Sticker Set - Set of 5 Stickers, The C Project, $12.15

If you know someone who's constantly hooked on Netflix 24/7, who knows the latest trends on the Internet, who knows what's worth the hype, these thoughtful gifts will definitely warm them up inside. 


5. The Bookworm 

A Book Of Changes, Math Paper Press, $16

Tender Delirium, Math Paper Press, $16

Book Iceberg Bookend And Bookmarks, Qualy, $59.90

Know what the recipient loves reading about and find a book that you think he/she will like. Alternatively, any book-related merchandise, like a bookend, will definitely earn the oohs and aahs from your literature-loving friend. 


6. The Wanderlust Addict

Ostrich Pillow Light, Buy Me Design, $83.50

Gekko Organiser Board - Business, MOOY, $31.90

The Gladiator Tumbler - 20oz, Asobu, $46.90

While you can't be physically there at all of this person's adventures, you can gift them these to remind them of your presence. Plus these thoughtful gifts are really handy when travelling - you'll be on their minds naturally.


7. The Foodie

Christmas Churros Box Set, Loco Loco, from $31.65

Speculoos Cookie Butter Christmas Log Cake, Poppy & Co., $55 

Ang Ku Kueh Earring Studs, Miniature Asian Chef by Juliana, $20

You cannot deny that most Singaporeans are foodies. We love food and seeking the latest food trends that are in town is one of our weekend hobbies. If you're more keen on something that can last a bit longer, opt for almost edibles, like the earring studs and these prints


8. The Party Raver 

Black Animal Shot Glass (Bear), MollaSpace, $26

Wine Bottle Glass, BigMouth Inc, $39.90

Tabom Dot Bucket Bag, Ooh La La!, $55.90

We all have that one friend who loves the nightlife, chugging down alcohol, and raving to dance music all night long. Perfect additions to their addictions. 


9. The Gadget King

Illuminate Case, DP Electronics, $42.90

Appbot Link, Appbot, $299

Sound 2 Magnetic Speaker - Grey, ElevenPlus, $79

Keep your favourite gadget king updated with the quirkiest and coolest gadgets we have to offer. From magnetic speakers to an actual bot that can help to record footage at home, these must-haves will definitely be a hit among your tech geek friends.


10. The Maximalist

Rainbow 3D iPhone Case, Valfre, $53.50

ValfrePink Bedroom Clutch, MASH-UP, $69

Carl Socks, Freshly Pressed Socks, $10.70

As you can guess, maximalists are fans of things that are bold, loud, and adorable. Up their colour palette will these babies and add more colours and vibrance to their daily outifts. 


Some of the above listed items are on sale! Grab them before you miss an awesome deal! Check out more here.

Still cannot find what to buy for your loved ones? Take a short quiz and pick the best Christmas gift for them with our Christmas Gift Picker.

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