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But First, Coffee

We don't know about you but over here at Naiise, we are powered by coffee on a daily basis. And we are pretty sure many of you out there are like that too. The invigorating fragrance of coffee awakes your senses, and a good cuppa coffee will jolt you into a productive day ahead. 

If you've been to Naiise Camp Christmas, you will definitely notice our coffee partner, Fawr and Co, who is always ready to serve you their best cup of coffee, hot chocolate, chai latte etc. Pretty much what we need everyday to perk ourselves up a little. 

We spoke to Kelly, Director of Fawr and Co, and found out made them so in love with coffee, and what kept them going at Fawr and Co.

Naiise (N): What were you guys doing before Fawr and Co (F&C)?

Kelly (K): Prior for Fawr and Co, I have been in the F&B and travel industry. As for Pearly, the co-founder of Fawr and Co, she has always been dealing with sales - print, digital, above the line, you name it all.


N: How did F&C come about, and why do you go ahead to set up F&C?

K: We have always enjoyed coffee over in Melbourne and are always on the hunt for Australian-like coffee back here in Singapore. We couldn’t find one and was introduced to Dimattina Coffee on our last trip to Melbourne. We particularly loved their dark roast, La Tazza and find that there’s actually a market for it here in Singapore. 


N: What's the one of the most joyous things that you encounter at F&C?

K: Having people telling us that they have enjoyed our coffee and having them coming back for us, and even introducing us to their friends and family.




N: What's the most encouraging thing anyone has said to you with regards to F&C?

K: "I look forward to the weekends so that I can drink your coffee."


N: By far, what's the craziest flavour you have created or want to create?

K: There isn't one yet but we definitely want to try to create a drink using our West Coast Cocoa’s Mayan Chilli.


N: What's one of the must-try when the campers visit Naiise Camp Christmas?

K: My favourite for the season would definitely be the Iced Dark Vanilla Chai! It’s a mixture of our Dark Deluxe Cocoa and Vanilla Chai. We froth the mixture giving it a thicker texture, making it perfect for Christmas!


N: Any word of advice for budding entrepreneurs?

K: There will definitely be times when things seems to be difficult but always take a step back and take time to evaluate and plan your next move. As cliche as it sounds, its always sunshine after the rain.



Catch Fawr and Co for their last brew before they bid goodbye to Naiise Camp Christmas this weekend (17 & 18 December 2016). Also, you can bring home your own cafe-standard chocolate and chai range from West Coast Cocoa here. Make your own awesome Dimattina Coffee here too!











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