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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

Brands Who Give Back

Over the years, Naiise has had the pleasure to work with many wonderful makers and brands around the world. Some of them have touched us in a very special way: they inspire us with their aspiration to make the world a better place, by devoting to special causes.

In this editorial piece, we shine the spotlight on 6 brands that we love, and have contributed to the society in their own special ways.

 1. Good Paper

Image credit: @goodpapercards

Could gifting cards be more than just mere ink on paper?

That was the question that sparked Good Paper's mission to restore the human spirit.

Wasabi Love Card, $8.10

Handcrafted in the Philippines with handmade paper and hand-signed by its maker, every card was created for you by women who have escaped sex trafficking in the Philippines. Your purchase provides jobs that enable these women to support their families. The card incorporates a variety of handmade, recycled papers, making it environmentally sustainable, too. Envelope included!

Also, how could you say no to these punny cards?!


2. xhundredfold

Image credit: @xhundredfold

Founded in 2014, xhundredfold was created to provide a platform for creative individuals to pay-it-forward with their talents AND multiply giving through consumer purchases. Every purchase helps to advocate for a social cause, and gives to those in less privileged circumstances.

The first cause launched - #buildabag intends to provide children and teens with basic supplies needed for school. It encourages an equal giving concept, where the children/teens receive an equivalent of what consumers receive, as they believe no child is less worthy than another.

Ambassadors for Jesus Christ (AFJC), a Non-Profit, Christian Organization based in the Philippines, was one of xhundredfold's first beneficiaries for the #buildabag project. Through their years of work, AFJC has established deep relationships among children and their families, and so are in a good position to distribute the donated items to those who will benefit from them.

Cotton Bag - Beyond The Mountains, $39

The second initiative - #forgetyounot was created to shed light on stories of persons with dementia and their caregivers, to sow seeds of empathy, strength, hope and love in support as they choose and seek to live well in spite of their impairment.

25% of all proceeds from the Forget-You-Not range of products go to funding creative programs and activities, that aims to empower, and act as a form of therapy, for persons with dementia and their caregivers.

Sketchbook - Forget-You-Not Fabric, $29

Apart from the giving cause behind the brand, xhundredfold seeks to support responsible and sustainable practices; this includes producing quality goods through fair-trade, and with as little environmental carbon print/earth damage as possible.


3. Freedom Cups

Image credit: @freedomcupsdotorg

Freedom Cups aims to get reusable menstrual cups to women. 

They work on a buy-1, give-1 scheme where every cup purchased allows them to give a cup to a woman in an underprivileged community. 

This allows for a win-win situation where women in the developed world decrease their use of non-biodegradable sanitary products, and women in developing communities gain access to proper sanitation for their periods.

Freedom Menstrual Cup in sizes Mini and Grande, $35


4. Alfie De Meow

Image credits: @AlfieDeMeow

Alfie De Meow is a cat-themed jewellery business that is inspired by a family-rescued cat, called Alfie.

How cute is Alfie!!!

Image credits: @AlfieDeMeow

The brand aims to help cats that need our love and attention by donating 10% of our sales to cat welfare group(s) based in Singapore.

This year, Alfie De Meow pledged their love to The Cat Welfare Society, in support of their Stray Cat sterilisation programme and special cases initiative for volunteer caregivers.

All their products are designed in-house in our Singapore studio. The bioresin pieces are all cast, sanded and polished by hand in our Singapore studio. The metal pendents in our jewellery are made by our Etsy-approved manufacturer in Yiwu. Some of our acrylic pieces are cut by an Esty-approved laser cutter in Australia, and they are pieced together by hand when they reach our studio in Singapore.

Stretching Cat Earring Studs in White Gold, $22

To hear from the founder Elaine herself, hop over here for our #BoBoldForChange interview with her last year for International Women's Day!


5. The Animal Project

The Animal Project (TAP) is a Social Enterprise started by a group of parents and friends.

TAP aims to bring customers quality life-style products using artwork drawn by persons with special needs. Their beautiful products range from fashions, art pieces, gift items, dinner-ware to stationary - all with an animal theme.

U-Mug - Koalas on Trees, $14.90

TAP artists earn royalties from the sale of these products. At least 50% of profits will also be donated to charity of TAP's choosing.

The mug pictured above was designed by Jun-Yi, who loves to draw myriad of animals in various situations. He engineers subtle nuances of social interactions among the animals he draws. Although he himself rarely takes the initiative to participate in such social interactions. 

With just a black marker pen, he draws each animal without any hesitation and each carries a different expression.

Find out more about Jun-Yi and other artists at TAP here.


6. Indie Mama

Good Morning Clutch, $35

Indie Mamashop creates and curates interesting and functional items and gifts that improve lives- not just yours. They are a social enterprise registered with raiSE, on a mission to create income opportunities for the economically-disadvantaged in our community.

Image credits: Indie Mama

Behind every item in store is a consideration of how they reframed the work related to it, so that someone who needs income can finally participate in this economy.

Dumpling Pouch (Chinese Peony), $12

If you are as passionate about supporting these incredible brands and their missions as we are, do check out our Doing Good collection the next time you shop for your loved ones.

What's better than a gift, is a gift that gives back :)

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