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#BeBoldForChange With BRUNEUS - Superlative Foods

International Women's Day marks the day to celebrate acts of determination and strength displayed by women. In line with this occasion, Naiise will be featuring individual female entrepreneurs who have created businesses to improve the lives of others. From this interview series, we hope you get to know more about the women behind these brands and their stories.

BRUNEUS - Superlative Foods is a homegrown organic brand, inspired by the the robust flavour of Bali's cacao. With strict control standards and carefully engineered work processes to ensure the freshness and top-notch quality, they create healthy, nutrient-rich snacks. On top of that, all ingredients are traded at above fair trade price to cultivate a better livelihood and sustainable farming for the cacao and coconut palm farmers in Bali. With such great intentions as the core of the business, Angeline will share with us why she took the step out of her comfort zone to create BRUNEUS - Superlative Foods.


Naiise (N): What were you doing prior to starting BRUNEUS? 

Angeline (A): I was a Research Biologist working in the field of Immunology at National University of Singapore.


N:Tell us more about the moment that felt right for you to start BRUNEUS. 

A: I realised that I needed something new, more exciting, and inspiring in my life. During one of the many “soul searching” trips I made in Bali, I became acquainted with Bali raw chocolate. It was like nothing I had ever tasted before; the robust flavour of Bali cacao got me hooked, and there was no turning back from there. It reignited my passion for chocolate and spurred the idea for BRUNEUS (Latin for “dark brown”) – the brand. Shortly thereafter, a stirring new chapter in my life started to take shape – Superlative Foods was born!



N: What was the boldest decision you have made to make BRUNEUS happen? 

A: To make a complete change in my “assumed” career path as a Biologist to become a food manufacturer. In the process, I have to forgo the comfort and job security and venture into uncertainties. 


N: In the process of making BRUNEUS happen, have you given up on anything? What are some of the things you have given up on? 

A: To start and run a business takes a tremendous amount of dedication and time. I probably wouldn’t say I had to give up anything but I certainly have a shift in my priority and right now, it is to expand our reach and bring BRUNEUS to more people in Singapore and abroad.



N: Has anyone discouraged you from pursuing BRUNEUS? How did you take it? 

A: There were people who were skeptical at first but when they saw how successful the business is going, I think they might have changed their minds. I believe action speaks louder than words, hence their skepticism didn’t discourage me but spur me on to make this business a successful one.


N: What were some of the setbacks you have faced along the journey? 

A: There are tons of it, where do I start? One of the setbacks in the initial stage of business was facing rejection from customers. As my products are all really unique, customers could not compare it to any products in the market, so some of them who prefers the “safer” route, decided to let my products go. I have since overcome it and I can’t be more proud to show my products to the world.


N: How has BRUNEUS helped the society to improve individuals' lives? 

A: BRUNEUS is a functional snack which was created with a sole purpose to help people snack smarter by improving the nutritional benefits without any additives. As our products are vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, we have enabled people with dietary restrictions to have a wider choice of snacks they can enjoy without worrying.  



N: What's the happiest thing that made you realise pursuing BRUNEUS is the right decision? 

A: The satisfaction and support from my customers. 


N: Any word of advice for budding female entrepreneurs to #BeBoldForChange? 

A: Don’t be afraid of uncertainties. Take risk and chase after your dream.   



Find your next BRUNEUS - Superlative Foods munchies here.










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