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Join us as we embark on a journey of Inspiring Creativity in a Glocalized World!

Be Still, My Chrome Heart

Like magpies, we have been going crazy with the metallic trend. Clothing, nails, accessories, stationery, temporary tattoos - it's everywhere! Besides, a little shine won't kill. 


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1. Metallic Card Wallet, Uashmama, $29

Great for a lunch date, or night out even, this gorgeous and simple wallet from Uashmama will be roomy enough for  your essentials, allowing you to travel lightly without lugging around too many things. 


2. Oriental Metallic Temporary Tattoo, Marchbaby Collective, $14.60

These gorgeous metallic tattoos will make you look and feel like an ethereal fairy. Perfect for music festivals, parties, or you know, for the 'gram.


3. Rock and Royalty Nail Polish, NCLA, $46

Pimp your nails up with this nail polish pack! A solid metallic tone and a bright sparkle will make your nails outshine others'.


4. Small Sausalito Bowl in Lilac, Rosanna, $28

With the popular muted tones on the outside, and a good swipe of gold inside, these little bowls are great for your next gathering over drinks and good company. 


5. Moneypenny Metallic Watch, Komono, $85.50

Slightly muted but still boasts of the rose gold tints, this watch will be a great gift for the feminine ladies.


6. Matte Deluxe Metallic Headphones, Happy Plugs, $39

Keep it alluring, even when you are listening to your guilty pleasure tunes with these earphones from Happy Plugs.


7. Mr Leopold Lion Jar, creatures and co, $35

Be it for storage or display, these jars from creatures and co are what you need to keep your room vibes on fleek. 


8. White Pagoda Scented Candle, SCENE SHANG, $59.90

Tip: After you're done with the candle, give it a good wash up and use the holder to hold your stationery, makeup brushes etc. 


9. Drop Hat Lamp Shade, Plumen, $72

Metallic sheen aside, these lamp shades are great statement-making centrepieces that you can consider when you are reworking your home decor. 


10. Dürer Photo Frame, Fundamental Berlin, $50

Before you start laughing and asking yourself who still uses photo frames, these ones from Fundamental Berlin comes with this geometric frame, instead of the usual clear glass, making your photo an instant art piece, if chosen with thought. 










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