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Baggers Can Be Choosers

Out of all the fashion pieces we own, bags are no doubt the most practical and indispensable ones. While form follows function, we know you can be torn between finding the to-die-for bag while making sure it fits the occasion that you are going to use this bag for. 

We whipped up a list of bags that you can consider for all kinds of occasions. Read on and find THE bag for you. 


The Serious Professional

 Office BagQWSTION, $349

Clifford Backpack in Midnight Blue, Gnome & Bow, $395

Victor + Lanière 145 (Black)Quinoa Paris, $760

Sleek, timeless and functional, these bags are great for work, making sure that you are equipped for meetings and formal occasions around the clock. Finding one that has adequate room space is necessary for carrying important work documents, your laptop and some stationery.


Gym Enthusiast

Escape Canvas Utility Bag in Olive, Forestbound, $150

Hellolulu Sutton - All-day Ruckpack in Red & Burgundy, Hellolulu, $139

Travel Duffel - Meat, Mokuyobi Threads, $129

Roominess is probably what you seek when you are looking for a gym bag. Be it a shoulder bag, tote back, back pack or duffel bag, there is one that will be able to house your gymming essentials while compromising your style.


The Weekend Cruiser


The Mini Fringe Crossbody Bag, Vara, $63.50

4 Quad and Pouch, Antenna Shop, $119

Transient - Drawstring Bucket Bag (S), MouMou Leather Craft, $39

Weekends should be carefree, so keeping your hands free and travelling light is important too. So keep the bulk at home and get out of house with the essentials. 


The Adventure Seeker


Hellolulu Sutton - All-Day Ruckpack - Black, Hellolulu, $139

Ridgebake Otone Polyester, Ridgebake, $127

Large Campus Back Pack in Grey, H.A.N.D, $190.90

Always on the go, hunting for that rare Pokémon or travelling around the globe, back packs are definitely your go-to bags to lug your essentials that you need on your next adventure. One great tip to finding a suitable backpack will be the weight of the backpack, sans your stuff. If the backpack is light on its own, you've scored a great one.


The Totes Amazing Person

Dental Clinic Tote Bag, Circus Boy Band, $29.90 

Design Lifestyle Community Tote Bag, Naiise, $10

Triangle Geometric Art Tote Bag, B-Diff, $22.90


One of the most versatile bags that one can ever own, canvas tote bags come in many styles and designs, so that you can find one for every occasion and personality. Plus, it hardly goes out of style. Maintenance and price points are also on the lower end, making it a great choice of bag for daily use. 








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