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Naiise Exclusive - Article

We won't laugh at you if you first thought this is something edible. Styled like your Happy Birthday confetti cake, these are actually trays and dishes that you can use to hold small accessories and jewellery.

Article, a local design entity, plays with textures, layers and of course, colours. Each uniquely patterned piece allows you to organise all your little knickknacks in the most playful and joyous manner. Of course, there are no restrictions as to what they can be used for. You can even use them as coasters!

With the use of unconventional materials found in the daily inconspicuous, the Singapore based Article aims to explore different themes and subject matter. Each desk object also comes in a variety of colours for you to pick according to your personal style.

Is this Article calling out to you? Snag one for yourself here!











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