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The New Homeowner's Starter Pack: The Essentials

Moving into a new home is both thrilling and pressurising. There will be an influx of information coming your way, there will be a lot of uncertainties, but there will also be a lot of fun and freedom to dress up your space the way you want it.  

To help you guys out, we have handpicked a couple of furniture and accessories and put together this New Homeowner's Starter Pack to help you ease into your new home effortlessly.


A Good Trusty Bed

HOLD King Bed in Natural Oak, ZIIN, $3,990

Moff Bed Frame - Queen Size, Fanttique, $1,599

Oliver King Bed, JMO, $5,280

The most important piece of furniture you need to invest for your new nest is definitely the bed. Couple your favourite mattress with a bed frame that suits your home decor, and look forward to nights of good rest on them. 


A Table To Wine & Dine

Pong Dining Table in Aquamarine, SayPLAYplay, $2,880

ZAP Dining Table - Medium, Fanttique, $1,599

Dual Tone Dining Table, Commune, $1,999

We know the new HDBs can be a little tiny, especially when it comes to the dining area. So when you're in search for your dining table, do consider the other things that your dining table can transform into, like the Pong Dining Table by SayPLAYplay, which allows you to turn it into a ping pong table when you're in the mood. If you like to host house parties, a wider dining table might be up your alley. 


Take A Seat

Briggs Low Stool - Yellow, District Eight Design, $430

GUAN Chair, ZIIN, $890

Requin Chair - Natural, Sketch, $463

You don't need to populate your home with many chairs but one or two statement ones will make a visual difference to your space.


Side Table Affairs

OSB Side Table L - White, Zuiver, $249

Monolit Side Table Small - Black, Universo Positivo Bu Ethnicraft Online, $255

Giza Table in Tinted Glass, Snap Design Co, $240

Be it by your bed or somewhere in your living room, side tables are great to put smaller items or belongings for easier retrievals. Your can also place a lamp on it for decorative or functional purposes. 


Check Out Those Racks

Trapesium Open Rack, d-Bodhi, $2,210

Atelier Horizontal Display Rack, Karpenter, $1,720

M Rack, Ethnicraft Online, $1,275

Not only does a well-designed shelf help to store your belongings well, it also helps to add a touch of aesthetics to your space. take some time to plan what to put on your shelf and work your visual magic when you display your books and decor pieces.


Stay Lit

Plumen Drop Top Lamp Shade (Glass Only) - Black, Plumen, $158

Carmina Mini Lamp, Vita, from $96

Balloon X Lamp, Haoshi, $149

Lighting is important when it comes to setting the atmosphere and mood of your home right. What we would suggest is for you to find a location to install statement lighting, using lighting to help demarcate your spaces creatively. 



Kitchen Essentials

TM Plate - Black, ideaco, $13.90

Pantone Universe Mug - Colour of the Year 2016 Edition, Pantone Universe, $19.90

My Teapot in White Grey Green, Jansen+co., $105.90

Kitchen Towel Dispenser in Blue, ideaco, $35.50

One of new homeowners' favourite things to do when they have a new place, is to start hosting dinner parties or just cook for themselves. Equipping your kitchen with the necessary accessories and kitchen tools to help you make your cooking experience a seamless one is definitely necessary. Before you start splurging, think about how often you want to cook, for yourself and your loved ones. Once you have an answer for that, it will make your buying decisions easier on how to deck out your kitchen. 








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