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9 Sure-Win Baby Shower Gifts

We know it is not much of a Singapore tradition for parents-to-be to hold baby shower, but this gift guide is useful for baby full month parties too. Baby shower is not only the occasion to anticipate the arrival of the little one, it is also to welcome new parents to the big leap into parenthood.

There are so many things new parents might need and selecting a unique gift can be a tough task, especially when there isn’t a baby shower registry to choose from. We have put together some awesome gifts that are not only practical but also carry a cool factor that will instantly label you as an awesome auntie/uncle for the kiddo. Here are the 9 sure-win gifts that you can consider!


1. Toddler House Bed, Urban Li'l, $790

We know the baby might be too young to sleep on their own in this big bed, but this will definitely equip the cool parents with a nice bed for their kid when they get a bit older. Plus, it is a statement piece in the room, even if it's not in use yet.


2. Baby Cards, Milestone, $24.90

For new parents, every moment is a precious one. This set of cards can help parents to keep track and take note of these moments that can easily pass them by. Definitely a great way to document their child's progress. 


3. Organic Lavender And Meadowfoam Bubble Bath Gift Box, Lovesoap, $78 

Perfect both babies and adults, this gift set comes with 2 x 100ml of 2-in-1 shampoo, body wash and bubble bath goodness that will the next bathing session for the baby a luxurious and aromatic one. 


4. Fluffy Set + Scented Water 50ml - Kaloo Blue, Kaloo, $45.90 

After a good bath, put on some scented water (no alcohol!), and awaken the baby's sense of smell. It also comes with a cuddly plush toy, which might be the little one's next favourite thing to bring around.


5. Diamond Heather Grey Onesie, Baby Style Icon, $40

Onesies are probably one of the most popular gifts that one would bring to a baby shower or baby full month celebration. Get this adorable one and let this gem shine brighter like a diamond.


6. Mara Sillicone Necklace - Mint, Anders & Dawn, $29

It might just look like a typical necklace but what many don't know is that this necklace by Anders & Dawn is made of baby-safe silicone, which makes it an interesting teething jewellery while mummy is carrying the baby. 


7. Moover Rocking Horse - NaturalMoover$219

Perfect for kids of 6 - 36mths, this rocking horse combines the classic rocking horse with modern design, and added in a safety curve "brake" feature, which helps to reduce the speed of the rocking horse when it is at its highest point to ensure utmost safety for the baby.


8. Comfortchew Red Stars, Cheeky Chompers, $37.90

Suitable from birth, this comfortchew from Cheeky Chompers is primarily used as a teether. As one side of the comfortchew is made of fleece, this can also be a comforter, making it a really versatile necessity for the little one and the parents.


9. Nadine Carry-All Tote, Aide de Camp, $269


Comes with various compartments to organise your essentials, this bag is a great choice as a diaper bag. What's awesome about this is that once one is done using this as a diaper bag, this can be used for travelling or even a daily bag for work or shopping. How versatile is that?








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