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8 Houseplants To Freshen Up Your Home

Apart from your go-to home decor, livening up your space can be as literal as that - bring life into your home! One of easiest and trendiest ways to do so now is to use plants to sprinkle liveliness throughout your home.

We've got 8 super trendy (and of course, Instagram-worthy) houseplants you can invest on to make your home more welcoming and refreshed.


1. Leafy Ferns

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Leafy ferns are a staple go-to, especially if you're a houseplant novice. They come in various sizes and are suitable for Singapore's humid climate. Choose a space with lots of sunlight and an open window, and watch your fern flourish. 

Tip: To match up with the rest of your home decor, find a pot that best complement this. You can try this out.


2. Colourful Cacti

Photo Credits: The Life Creative

Cacti is another plant that thrives in Singapore's climate. They are desert flowers and are used to a lot of sun and little water. Really good for those who are not good with handling plants (that's us, guilty as charged). Definitely one of the low maintenance plants you can find out there. And when your cactus is colourful, it makes your space more energetic.


3. Snake Plants

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Another plant you can consider if you are into low maintenance plants - the snake plant. Apart from being tolerant and requires minimal care, the snake plant helps to freshen up the air in your home, even eliminating the nasty guys, such as formaldehyde and benzene. 


4. Air Plants

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Gaining popularity among Singaporeans these days, air plants are definitely an indoor-friendly plant that you can consider too. Not only are they pretty to look at, they also are space-efficient as you can hang them up, either on wire meshes or in open terrariums. Recommended for folks who are living in small spaces. 


5. Philodendron Gloriosum

Photo Credits: Martha Ware Interiors

If you are into minimalistic plants, the philodendron gloriosum will definitely hit the spot. 


6. Eucalyptus 

Photo Credits: Pinterest

Perfect plant to help liven up your space, the eucalyptus plant should be placed at spot with sunlight for ultimate growth. Also, having a eucalyptus plant around can help to clear phlegm and respiratory congestion too. 


7. Monstera 

Photo Credits: The Fashion Medley

We need no introduction to one of most photographed and Instagrammed plants in 2016 - Monstera. 




8. Calathea

Photo Credits: Green Specialist Wordpress

Last but not least, these multicoloured beauties are one of our favourites. They are perfect for tabletop adornment and their plentiful leaves makes you feel nothing but full and whole inside. 













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