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8 Beach Resorts In Southeast Asia That You'd Rather Be At Now

With half of 2016 already over, some of us are feeling a little winded, and maybe a little stressed. This is Singapore after all, and in our fast-paced metropolis, everyone gets wound up, and everyone deserves a break.

As we roll into August, a quick and relaxing beach resort break should do no harm to anyone. And, just in case anyone is thinking about the exact same thing, but just couldn't figure out where to go, here is a list of our top 8 beach resort destinations in Southeast Asia that we really want to be at now!


The District, Boracay, Philippines

Photo Credits: Two Monkeys Travel Group


This contemporary four-star resort in Boracay is the perfect place to stay. At prices as low as SGD$219 a night for a spacious, well-lit Deluxe Queen room, you couldn't ask for more. 

Photo Credits: Boracay Promo Packages


Additionally, they have top-notch recreational areas, as well as a stellar bar and restaurant. If you are craving for a good meal and a good conversation with your loved ones at the end of an amazing day on the beach, this resort is worth your consideration.

Photo Credits:


The District is located in Station 2, and it is right in the sweet spot of the nightlife, sightseeing, and beach hub of Boracay. The nearest beach is the White Beach, Boracay's most popular white sand beach. They offer a tonne of water sports, and other activities on the beach, and Boracay's best food and entertainment nearby. 

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L Hotel, Bali, Indonesia 

Photo Credits: Merie M Hall Designs 


A modern hotel resort in a rustic and natural beach setting, L Hotel is probably one of the best things you can imagine. To be able to escape the hectic Singapore lifestyle for a few days, and breathe in the fresh air, tinged with the salt of the ocean, without sacrificing your regular comforts, is truly a wonderful experience. 

And you can do it here, at the L Hotel and Resort, in the bustling town of Seminyak, Bali. It's a short 25-minute drive away from the airport, and it has three different kinds of suites, ranging from SGD$100-177 a night for a romantic stay. 

Photo Credits:


More suitable for couples who wish to have a little holiday together and spend some time together, the hotel rooms are spot on for your short stay.

Also, if you're the party type, Seminyak is perfect for you, because of their world-famous nightlife. Picture this: an amazing night out of partying it up, and taking a taxi back to your beautiful hotel room and running a warm bath with your significant other. 


Bintan Lagoon Resort, Bintan, Indonesia

Photo Credits: Bintan Resorts


And here's another win from Indonesia. (Seriously, this country is a paradise of resorts.) This is another great one but much nearer to Singapore - Bintan. Bintan Lagoon Resort is a very short journey away from Singapore, with multiple rooms and villas to choose from. 

Photo Credits: Bintan Resorts


With a variety of room types, you would be spoilt for choices. Their rooms range from SGD224 for the one pictured above, to their villa's below for SGD589. 

Photo Credits: Bintan Lagoon Official Website


In addition to a private beach, this area boasts not one, but two championship golf courses – the Jack Nicklaus sea view course and Ian Baker-Finch woodlands course.

Let's not forget about the kids, they have something fun to do too. Spending a day by the pool is great, but what's better than just swimming? A giant slide. Children will be occupied with the slides all day, and they'll be perfectly happy and safe. But wait, there's more. Giant hamster balls. 

Photo Credits: Cavin Teo Blogspot


Jeeva Beloam Beach Camp, Lombok, Indonesia 

The next one is one of Naiise's favourites. It's a little pricier than the listings you've seen so far, but there's a good reason why you should spend on this. 

The reason for a getaway is to literally get away from the busy, social media-centric life of Singapore, and clear your mind of all distractions, and simply to rest, relax and recharge. This place is highly recommended for that.

With almost-zero connectivity (no WI-FI!), you can work on your plan to have a digital detox by the beach. They only have one type of room (SGD$306), which is essentially a hut that faces the ocean, and there are only 12 huts altogether, which means you can avoid crowds throughout your stay.

With its wooden interior and furnishings, the place makes you feel connected with nature. When you wake up in the morning, you will be greeted by the crashing waves and the beautiful sunrise. 

You can spend the day tanning and catching waves at its private beach, or head out to visit other neighbouring beaches. 

Also, it's called Beach Camp for a reason - meals are consumed at the communal dining area, where you have to be there at the stated meal times, if not, you might have to starve till the next. 


Aonang Villa Resort, Krabi, Thailand

Photo Credits: Pattaya Hotel Plus


This beautiful villa resort is built right by Krabi’s renowned limestone cliffs. Aonang Villa Resort has one of the most majestic views in Krabi.

With five types of rooms that range from SGD$125 a night to a whopping SGD862 for their Senator Suite, this resort has something for everyone.

Photo Credits: Aonang Villa


Another resort that's perfect for couples looking for a short getaway for some much needed alone time, this beautiful and tranquil resort is everything you could have wished for.

The Honeymoon suite also has an open concept bed and bathroom, with well-placed shutter blinds for that extra tease. And if you like jacuzzis, they have added their own touch to heighten relaxation and accentuate aesthetics.


Photo Credits: Agoda


Kalima Resort & Spa, Phuket, Thailand

Photo Credits: Price Line


If you love waking up in the morning with rays of light pouring into your room and walking over to your window, and seeing open skies and the glittering sea before you, this resort and spa in Phuket is the next place you want to be.

The Kalima Resort & Spa is a gorgeous, modern resort with a chill floating lounge area in the pool, and an A-star bar and restaurant. 

Photo Credits: Bud Design Studio Wordpress

Photo Credits: Asia Web Direct


With an open view of the sea, this resort has rooms going for SGD$159-463 per night. The honeymoon suite is just SGD$176! Perfect for the budget conscious couples. 

Phuket is also known for its nightlife, with their bars, restaurants and their especially kinky go-go bars, you'll never be bored. From their white sand beaches to neon lights, this place is encouraging all kinds of adventures that the nightlife-lovers will be open to seek. 


Le Belhamy, Hoi An, Vietnam

Photo Credits:

Photo Credits: Luvill Asia


Le Belhamy in Hoi An in Vietnam is perfect for the people who like to inject a little bit of culture into their trips. It's home to a UNESCO World Heritage site, Old Town, which was a spice trading centre in the 16th and 17th century. And today, people still flock there, but for various reasons.

There are historic temples, museums and assembly halls to explore. As you walk down the streets in this quaint little town, you will feel the rich history and culture exuding from every corner.

The resort is like the town, quaint and adorable, and you will definitely have a comfortable and peaceful place to stay on the private beachfront at Ha My Beach. They have four types of rooms and villas that are reasonably priced from SGD$112-182. 

Photo Credits:


This is a good destination for people who just like exploring new places and eating good food, so if that sounds like you, you've found your next holiday stay. 


The Blue Orchid Resort, Cebu, Philippines

Photo Credit: Clear Trip


Last but not least, we have a lovely resort in Cebu. Just like many other resorts, it's situated at the beachfront, and you have an amazing view of the sea right from where you lie. 

Photo Credits: Blue Orchid Resort


You can lounge around all day on a soft mattress and watch boats go by, and be calmed by the blueness of the sky and sea. Undoubtedly, this is not one of the most glamorous and modern resorts that you've seen, but it has its own unique, rustic charm, while still providing you a comfortable and quality stay. 

At this resort, going diving is an option. For a fee, you can scuba suit up and jump into the open waters and have a look around of the marine life, and maybe even see long forgotten underwater wrecks. 

Their cozy and blue-tinted deluxe double rooms are currently going for SGD$113. A trip for the adventurous at heart, this resort is the perfect fit for you. 


Now, get to planning. Your next adventure awaits!





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