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5 Essentials To Keep Your Hair and Makeup On Point Throughout The Day

We are pretty sure all of us have been in this situation: You're planning to arrive at a party ready to impress. You spent hours to style your hair to perfection and pile on makeup to make sure you look photo ready around the clock at the party. But the second you're done with everything and you're ready to hop on the car and get to the party, everything starts to fall apart a little and you're annoyed AF. 

We are as annoyed and we have hunted down a few ways to help your hair and makeup last a little longer, at least to the mid of the party before everyone is too buzzed to care. Here we go!

1. Powdered Oil Blotter


Powdered Oil Clear Paper, Gatsby

Cheap, portable and easy to use - this is definitely a better alternative to tissue paper. Plus, the powdered nature of this oil blotter does not dry your skin out, and it helps to hold your makeup.

2. Dry Shampoo - handmade heroes dry shampoo

Drop Dead Gorgeous Dry Shampoo, Handmade Heroes, $7.90 - Hanz de fuko quicksand wax and dry shampoo

Quicksand Wax and Dry Shampoo, Hanz De Fuko, $32

If you have to work throughout the day before heading over for a party, and you can't really run anywhere for a quick shower, try dry shampoo-ing your hair to keep the greasy sheen off. 

3. Pomade / Wax - gold fingers pomade

Goldfingers Pomade, Goldfingers Pomade, $30

The Matte Pomade, Byrd, $19.90

The answer to almost any guy’s greatest fear - weird flyaways. Bring a little of your usual pomade and keep a small tub with you for some quick fix whenever you want to. For the ladies, hairspray would be great in ensuring you hair stays in the place you want it to be.

4. Facial Mist - scent library Hug Me close uplifting face mist

Hug Me Close Uplifting Face Mist, Scent Library, $37.50 - frank skincare lifted mist

Lifted Mist, FrankSkincare, $38

If skin dullness is your concern, facial mists will be an easy solution to perk your skin and bring on the dewiness. Some of them also come with scents so you can double up as fragrance on the go. 

6.Confidence and a Killer Smile

GIF Credits: Tumblr

If you have no time to get any of the above, take a deep breath and put on a killer smile. No amount of makeup or hair products can recreate this or steal the show. Have fun and be less self-conscious, no one would ever notice your frizzy hair or smudged make-up.


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