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5 Ideas To Keep Your Kids iFree

We all know the favourite babysitter who is effective and extremely efficient – tablets and phones. Though it is difficult for everyone to understand the pains of parenting when it comes to keeping their kids calm, quiet and still, this babysitter may have some restrictions in distracting your little ones.

Reminiscing our childhood in the outdoors and nature, we have 5 ways to keep your kids iFree, like how we did when we were kids!

1. Draw Something

Images of Grace - Adult Colouring Book, Wild Oliver Branch, $22.40

"Grow Old With You" Card, Miraculove, $8


The Cool and Neat Colouring Book, Ella Zheng, $21.40

Or colour something. It might look like crap to you but trust me, having chatted with some of our friends, one of their fondest childhood memories include doodling and colouring on blank papers. 

2. Set Up Play Dates  

Pure and Simple Teepee, WallFloors, $189 

Dolls Pram, Moover, $159

Dragon Rocking Horse - Small, Hinika, $449

To give your kids an enjoyable play date session, prepare an awesome setup that allows them to create their own games, which many children do not instinctively do these days. Hike the fun factor for them!

3. Storytelling Time! - Maxilla by Lianne Ong

Maxilla (Children's Book), Lianne Ong, $10.60

Where is Dan? - A Singapore Story About Belonging, Where is Dan?, $32

Storytelling is a great way to inspire your kids to have spurs of creativity. Take a few moments to share some stories as this boosts their imagination and make-believe. Advance Level: Play Continue-The-Story with your kids!

4. Messy Fun Times!

Shrink Plastic Kit, WahSoSimple, $40

MakersKit - Jewellery Stamping Kit, Let's Stay In, $73

If you're not too crafty yourself, you can purchase DIY kits that have the materials and instruction included to guide you and your children to make some amazing stuff. Please be around to help your children with tasks that involve cutting and hammering. 

5. Summer Pool Party 

Strawberry Donut Float, BigMouth Inc, $42.90

Flamingos in Love Gocco Garland, Hej Juni, $24.50

Holiday Speaker, Moss Audio, $149

A sunny day calls for a dip in the pool. Level it up to a pool party and invite your friends and their kids over for a swim over good music, food and endless fun! 


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