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#WhatsOnMyDesk - Team Naiise Edition

Mar 01 2016

A stroll past a colleague's table made us think to ourselves, "I'll never have that on my table." That sparked the whole idea of featuring desks and workspaces that belong to creative minds. In our inaugural edition, we will be featuring various desks of folks at Team Naiise. Head in and peep away! 

Georgie, Head of Graphic Design 
"I work in a mess (though I'd call it organised mess). There's always food within reach and I have tonnes of rough paper for random ideas time."

Ashraf, Graphic Designer
"My desk is an extension of my personal space. How I want others to see me is how I organise my desk."

Yongyi, Campaign & Offline Partnership Manager
"Some people might think my table is disorganised or untidy, but I would say that it's just me making myself comfortable at 'home' and I work best when I am at 'home'."

Ansley, Buying Manager
"Be comfortable with your own mess, so you can work better. Comfort is key!"

Serene, Marketing Manager
"I like to personalise my desk with 'derp-looking' objects that tickle me and I feel less stressed."

LiBing, Editor 
"I always like my desk to reflect who I am, with the things I like and the things I need."

Stella, Operations Manager
"Don't mess with my mess. I know where things are."

Dennis, Founder
"I wish I was more organised."



  • Posted by Naiise Editor on March 03, 2016

    @Siewmei HAHAHA

  • Posted by Siewmei on March 02, 2016

    I wonder how the operations manager works around THAT mess….


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