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5 Semi-Scientific Remedies To Cure Food Coma

We all know how that feels - a great lunch followed by a food coma. Torturous.

Droopy eyes and a full stomach may not be the most helpful things when it comes to productivity for school or work. Combatting food coma is one of the toughest tasks (Team Naiise totally understands!) so we've fished out 5 semi-scientific remedies that will help you fight the drowsiness.

1. Drinking A Lot Of Water

Very often, we consume more caffeine than water to stay awake and alert. Try drinking more water as dehydration easily causes fatigue. Furthermore, frequent bathroom trips will keep you active and moving!

2. Chewing Ice

This might sound strange but chewing ice can keep your mind stimulated, especially when drowsiness takes over your body. A little masochistic but brain freeze will distract you from the perpetual tiredness. 

3. Apply Some Presssure

Experience rejuvenation by massaging and pulling your ear lobes. This handy acupressure method helps to reduce stress and perks you up. It's definitely a great way to bid your food coma goodbye.

4. Sniffing Essential Oil

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Give yourself a boost by sniffing some essential oil. Applying some on the back of your ears works as well. Essential oil smoothens out your breathing and gives you boost before you start nodding off and getting caught by your boss.

5. High Protein Food
Activated Cashews and Cacao Nibs Clusters - Bruneus
Activated Cashew and Cacao Nibs Clusters, BRUNEUS - Superlative Foods, $8.50

Having some snacks or food that are high in protein such as cashew nuts, almonds or eggs will help you to stop feeling sluggish. They keep your mouth moving, and keep you moving as you share with your friends.

Bonus Tip: Avoid having sweets or snacks, in hopes of the sugar rush. The sugars will actually cause you to feel sleepier. The rush is momentary so beware of the Zzz monster that will approach minutes later.


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Zoe - February 5, 2016

Yes! I’ve been looking for this since foreverrrrr

Anna - February 5, 2016

Omg so handy! Been looking for some tips for a while now… Thanks a bunch!

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