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Naiise Travels: Taiwan

Taiwan preview picture - Naiise.comTaiwan’s known for its buzzing night markets and sprawling street vendors, boasting delectable treats at every corner. The array of food choices that you’ll have in Taiwan makes it another obvious destination for every Singaporean looking to satisfy their palettes. This time on Naiise Travels, we can’t help but share about this wondrous country, with its trove of food and adventures.


Coffee Alley
Coffee Alley Waffles -
A popular coffee chain that focuses on Western cuisine, it garnered high praises from our colleagues in office. The waffles are vouched for - fluffy and decadent, with almost every table wolfing down a plate. They have a few outlets around Taiwan. See which one’s the closest before heading down! And don’t forget to make a reservation beforehand as well, you’ll thank yourself when you see the snaking queues.

Hu Jiao Bing (Pepper bun)
Hu Jiao Bing (Pepper Buns) -
This crispy peppered bun stuffed with meat fillings and topped with generous quantities of sesame seeds sure packs a punch. There’s a distinctive smoky taste to it owing to the charcoal-baking process which accentuates the full package. Trust the one with the longest queue, and more often than not, you’ll get one that’ll leave a lasting impression.

Tang Hu Lu
Tang Hu Lu -
Bing Tang Hu Lu Stall -
This is not unseen before in Singapore but the Taiwanese version has more variety. There's cherry tomatoes, strawberry, plums and other snacks ensconced within the candy. For those of us with a sweet tooth, this is the perfect snack! Some street vendors are also shaking up the recipe by adding toffee to balance the sweetness on top of the stick.

Taro Rice Cake
Taro Rice Cake -
The combination of red bean, taro balls and bean curd makes for a pleasure on some taste buds, but not so much for others. Served as either hot and cold variants, pick the option that best suits the weather depending on the time of the year you’re heading to Taiwan. It’s sure worth a try though!

Cheese Potato
Cheese potato preparation -
Cheese Potato -
The generous spread of cheese and other toppings on this fried potato is the reason why this is one of the most popular snacks in Taipei — it comes with ham, bacon bits, turkey bits, corn or even a hard boiled egg. The choice of toppings that you are given access to is simply drool-inducing. We couldn't resist having a try of everything but that overwhelmed our taste buds with the mixture of sweet and savoury options. So, we advise to make a 'safe' choice!

Peanut Ice-cream RollPeanut Ice Cream Roll Preparation -
Peanut Ice Cream Roll -
These unassuming shots do not grant justice to the explosion of flavours you’ll get when you bite into this wondrous treat. The ingredients are simple — copious amounts of peanut shavings, two or three scoops of ice cream and a splash of coriander (optional) result in one of the simplest but most satisfying Taiwanese street snacks.


Maji Maji Square
No. 1, Yumen Street, Zhongshan district
Mon - Sun: 12 - 10pmMaji Maji Square - Naiise.comAn assortment of unconventional options, ranging from food to lifestyle products coupled with live music, makes for a fun day out in Taipei. The market’s vibrancy is suitable for all ages, with the Maji Maji Deli as the standout in the square, carrying locally produced artisanal goods. Although located at the periphery of Taipei, its location right next to Taipei Expo Park still makes it an accessible visit.

Yehliu Geopark
No.167-1, Kantung Rd., Yehliu Village, Wanli District, New Taipei City 20744
Mon-Sun: 8 - 5pm (6pm between May and August)
Yehliu Geopark Carpark -
Yehliu Geopark Rock Formations -
Yehliu Geopark Rock Formations
Home to numerous iconic rock formations, it is one of the most picturesque places in Taiwan and that at times, it seems almost out of this world. Let your imagination run wild and you can make a playground out of the park. The only hassle with this venue is that the geopark is relatively out of the way, so you’ll probably need a cab (or the express bus) to reach here.

Tam Shui
Tamsui District, New Taipei City, Taiwan 251
Tam Shui Scenery - Naiise.comTam Shui Scenery - Naiise.comTam Shui Lover's Bridge - Naiise.comTam Shui Bicycle Adventure - Naiise.comA laid-back coastal town is host to unforgettable gorgeous sunsets and indigenous snacks. Though it is famous among travellers, there’s no reason to skip to dainty town. Spend the day with bikes (which is what we did) to comb through everything that this place can offer and you’re sure to chance upon sights that would make you stop and whip out your camera.

Beitou Thermal Valley
Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112
Tuesday-Sunday: 9-5pm; closed Monday
Beitou Thermal Valley sulphur -
Beitou Thermal Valley Sulphur -
In the Japanese colonial era, the Beitou thermal valley was deemed one of Taiwan's few natural beauties. While the valley smells greatly of sulphur, the sight is more than rewarding. The high temperatures of the water prevent people from coming into direct contact with the spring. However, you will experience and enjoy the warm steam and mist that shroud the entire valley.

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