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6 Ways To Welcome Spring In The Eternal Summer Land

6 Ways To Welcome Spring In The Eternal Summer Land

Spring, to many Singaporeans, means kinda nothing, especially in the perpetual summer conditions that lingers all year round. But nope, that's not going to stop us from feeling all floral and springy. Determined to still embrace spring to the fullest, we have found 6 easy ways to inject Spring into our daily lives.

1. On The Pastel Side

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First things first, you've got to introduce new colours, or rather a more well-thought-out colour scheme that speaks nothing but Spring. If you're clueless on that, try going for more pastels or dusty tones for your colour choices. 

2. Pepper Spring Around Your Space

Love Vinyl Wall Decal, Made of Sundays, $35.90

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Sne Design - Geometric Garland Pastel -

Geometric Garland, Sne Design, $61

Now that you've selected your desired colours that you want to work with, you can pick and choose the decor and accents that will help spring things up a little. From flowers to buntings, you can use them sparingly in your decor.

3. Smells and Feels Like Spring

Super Duper Nourishing Rice Scrub- Rose Petals, Handmade Heroes, $17.90

Energizing Grapefruit & Mandarin Body Scrub, Joik, $42

Peppermint Orange Soy Candle, Hush candle, $18

One of the first things to get the Spring mojo going is to feel it first. Scrub yourself clean and stay fresh this Spring. If scrubs ain't your thing, burn some scented candles to get you in the mood. 

4. Eating Clean


The Essential Greens Superfoods Blend, MyMaha, $55

Reboot Juice Cleanse, Daily Juice, $255 

Spring = New Beginnings. There’s no better time than spring to start afresh and get your diet right. Whether it’s by taking a juice cleanse or just slowly incorporating healthier options into your daily meals, every small effort counts in becoming a better you.

5. Never Forget The Greens

Bola Ring, Seed | Projects, $190

Mini Gardening Tool Set (3pcs), Super Farmers, $19

GALUR POT Concrete Planter, Kuin Studio, $28

Be it growing your own or purchasing at the nurseries, plants are always a great way to inject life into your home or office. If you are worried about taking care of plants (like us!), opt for air plants, the fuss-free plants that you will be thankful for!

6. Make Solid Plans

Get Shit Done Notebook, Mi Goals, $9.95


Gold Foil Daily Planner - Apricot, Julia Kostreva, $69

Since most Springs happen at the start of the year, tap on this season and get inspired to make some solid goals that you shall meet throughout the year. These notebooks are a great start in helping you get your priorities sorted out so you can start your year on the right note (literally!). 

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